One of the biggest disadvantages of English learned in class is that the language is strictly correct and formal. However, native Anglo-Saxons do not communicate that way on a day-to-day basis. This difference is noticeable when reading books or watching television and movies in English. Ultimately, the language common people use is not always the same as the one learned in the classroom. That is why we should not ignore the speech that people use informally, called in this case, conversational English.

To help you learn it, we at Dexway have put together a list of ways to improve conversational English.

conversational English


Ways to improve conversational English

Speak without fear

The best way to learn spoken English is to do it without fear. At the beginning it is normal to be nervous or insecure about making mistakes. However, the truth is that it is precisely these errors that are invaluable in any learning process.

It should be taken into account that all people who have learned a language other than their mother tongue, make mistakes in the pronunciation or the use of a word, the conjugation of verbs, etc. The key is to have the confidence to speak out in order to make mistakes and correct them when they do. This will help identify weak spots where mistakes arise and act to correct them.


Learn about the culture

If you have the opportunity to interact with people from Anglo-Saxon countries, it can be useful to take the opportunity to learn about their culture. This, in addition to helping to maintain a conversation with native speakers in a real way and continue to practice English, will help to open up learning perspectives. This is turn will raise awareness and make you more perceptive to the different people with whom you may need to interact with in various situations.

In addition, knowing the culture of native English people will open the door to learning words and expressions that are not in books and that are commonly used during conversations. These expressions are vital to being able to create or maintain a successful conversation in any real situation.


Take advantage of technology to improve conversational English

Technology has contributed to an increase in comfort when performing tasks. This also includes language learning. It is beneficial to use computers, televisions, phones or tablets, instead of traditional books to speed up the process and achieve goals in a more efficient way. How can technology be used to practice conversational English?

  • It is useful to use voice recognition systems, if you have a device with a microphone. You can use them to record yourself and then check that you understand what is being said and that the pronunciation is correct.
  • Use blended methods that combine traditional learning with e-learning, such as Dexway courses.


Watch series and movies in original version

Using audiovisual material in order to learn a new language is a good way to make learning fun. The number of characters and accents will help the ear get used to the sound of English and bring the experience closer to listening to a conversation in real life. In addition, it is also an opportunity to catch new vocabulary and expressions.

A good way to not just be a listener and practice speaking directly is to repeat what each character says. This will improve your confidence when expressing yourself orally, as well as improve your pronunciation. The same is applicable to songs, useful when learning vocabulary in a fun and entertaining way.


Think in English

As you hold more conversations in English, it will become apparent that it is necessary to think in English in order to express yourself in a more natural and fluent way. The only way to achieve this is to speak as much as possible in all possible situations.

By putting these tips into practice, you can make the most of your conversations and become fluent in conversational English.


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