Nowadays, the importance of speaking a second language is undeniable. We live in a world where communication is the best tool in which we can dispose of and the training is the best way to guarantee a successful future.

Learning a foreign language allows us to communicate and widen our personal and professional goals. Currently, companies are demanding professional profiles with knowledge of languages in order to expand themselves, for which the mastery of a second language is a must in a professional career, as well as in the preparation of professionals before entering the world of work.

Limited time availability and the necessity of the optimization of the same convert eLearning as the perfect option, overcoming with efficient and comfort in classroom learning. Therefore, in many occasions we tend to combine eLearning with classroom learning to obtain better results.


Learning a Second Language with Language Labs

There has been a rapid interest in universities and training courses for the incorporation of these new technological advances in classrooms and in language laboratories.

CAE has been in the market for over 33 years, developing efficient educational platforms, providing its solution in Dexway languages with unique features like; positioning, progression and Certification tests. This solution allows us to guarantee and create an optimal immersive learning experience according to the CEFR levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1). In addition, it is suitable for the preparation of the official tests, for example: Cambridge ESOL, TOEFL, etc.

At the present time, learning a foreign language thanks to the technology used in Dexway has become something very simple, comfortable and easy to do through laptops, tablets or Smartphones, to practice speaking and listening in any place. It allows us to optimize time and coordinate it with our daily lives.

Our learning platform, based on previous knowledge, has allowed us to maximize the training possibilities of classrooms and language laboratories.

Dexway puts within reach of the educational sector its know-how in the educational language learning system with accredited quality guarantee.


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