Virtual environments favor the development of essential learning skills, help improve understanding and natural learning processes through interactive multimedia material and educational web portals. Every day it is more complicated to motivate students of the 21st century, so the requirement of updating teachers leads schools to adapt to new learning strategies that encourage students. Blended learning is the present of education in both languages and in any discipline, a pedagogical model that on the one hand solves many of the problems that schools face today, and on the other hand it stimulates and drives student learning.

We are facing a globalized, dynamic and changing world where the media and new technologies are available to everyone. This constant movement makes educational practices also change, reflect and move towards solutions that adapt to current needs.

blended learning


9 reasons to switch to blended learning


1. Digital education is the present of schools

More and more schools are adapting to digital education, and those who do not will be left behind. Educational software, mobile devices, multimedia content, etc., now offer teachers and students all the resources for a new world of digital and online learning, which leads to successful teaching.

2.  It is proven that the combination of online learning with on-site classroom is much more effective

Blended learning is much more effective than the traditional classroom model, because e-learning enriches the learning process, turning students into active subjects. It has the power to increase the information retention up to 60%.

3. Students are more committed to their learning

Not only do they have to do homework to review the tasks learned in the classroom, but the process of investing, the students learn outside the classroom in an entertaining and interactive way, at their own pace being much more involved in learning, attending the classroom a lot more prepared. The teacher as coach of their learning method has the opportunity to deepen those goals where your students have major deficiencies. Research indicates that with blended learning students are much more motivated to learn in a combined learning environment, on the one hand outside the classroom thanks to new technologies, virtual educational platforms; and on the other in the classroom at the hand of their teacher.

4. Parents increasingly request a blended learning education for their children

Parents are more involved in their children’s learning, always knowing how they learn and what they learn, seeing how their children get involved is their learning and development as people of the future. 36% of parents of school students would like the schools to which they take their children to increase online training

5. Teachers and students see better results

It is shown that students who rely on online resources improve their learning abilities. 70% say they learn much better through a combined on-site classroom learning with online training. And the teachers also observe how the level of their students is the one desired in the classroom, obtaining better results at the end of the course.

6. Learning outside the classroom is essential

In the process of a high school student learning, not only does it influence what they learn in class time, but a high percentage of the results is directly related to their learning outside the classroom. Not only through individual learning, but also through online communication with other students and their teachers. 60% of students point out that it is important to have an online forum to communicate with other students and their teachers. While many schools are using social networks as a form of collaborative learning and communication, 57% of students prefer to keep their academic and social life separate, so it is essential to integrate a virtual campus in the school through which students and teachers can communicate as well as manage everything related to their education in a simple and effective way.

7. Virtual classes and online communities offer flexibility and accessibility

A blended teaching/learning environment is less expensive for a school than a traditional classroom environment. The educational platforms just like blended learning methodology allows teachers to double their class hours at the same time, obtaining twice the profitability. Approximately 40% of a student’s training in blended learning is online, so the school can better optimize its time and investment per student/class of students.

8. The blended learning methodology reduces costs and saves schools time

Virtual campuses facilitate the integral academic management of all processes related to education. Reducing the paper/books and other materials that teachers and students use in the classroom. Facilitates communication in real time and directly.

9. Online learning is eco-friendly

E-learning classes consume 90% less energy and produce 85% less CO2 emissions per student than conventional training.

We are at the best time to join blended learning training, schools that have already done so are enjoying its benefits and the remarkable improvements in education offered to their students.


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