Year after year the CAE team makes an effort to offer better results and quality. All of this is reflected in our renovations and commitment with the certifications that helps us become more competitive and offer a better quality.


ISO 9001

Management certification of quality according to the international normative that evaluates all the administrative elements of quality in which a company must count on to have an effective system that permits them to administrate and improve it.


UNE Norm 139803:2012 of accessibility requirements for web content

The Spanish normative that establishes the accessibility requirements for the web content according to the standards of the homologated quality. Level AA achieved for the LMS CAE platform.


UNE Norm 66181:2012 of quality management

Quality of the virtual training courses that guarantees the characteristics of the online training in a way that the buyers could choose the products that best adapt to their needs and expectative and so that, consequently, the suppliers could make a better offer and with that comply with the satisfaction of their clients or students.


Quality Certifications