E-learning platforms for universities are being essential to offer an efficient and uninterrupted education, being able to continue the classes if the situation requires it. Especially when it comes to LMS e-learning platforms for language teaching, a task that needs regular practice.

Because multiple languages are used in the majority of the areas of human knowledge and development, learning a language other than your own is absolutely essential. Learning other languages is a basic need for university students and for administrative and service staff, as well as for teachers and researchers. This is no longer a waste of time, as many sometimes think. Instead, it is a great investment which allows us to increase our chances of getting a better job and, considering that languages are the key to culture, it also enriches our lives socially and culturally.

A very valuable tool for language learning is the online language training platform. This type of software is normally cloud based and is also sometimes called a Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Content Management System (LCMS). It works as a school’s educational and administrative center, effectively synchronizing devices so that learning can be undertaken from anywhere the student wishes.

At CAE, we have the specialized Dexway Division, which offers comprehensive, effective educational solutions with the aim of covering different language training needs through language content which is 100% online and can be done at the students’ own pace.



What languages are included?

There are eight languages available: English (USA/UK), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), and Russian.

Each one of these language courses is aligned with the CEFR standards and with official language exams like the Cambridge exams, TOEFL, Goethe, etc. They offer a full range of materials that are organized by levels and languages for when support classes are needed, which can be either virtual, face to face, or through blended learning.

The available levels range from A1 to C1 in English, French, German, and Spanish; and A1 and A2 in Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.


Learning system

We at CAE are pioneer developers of specialized technology and multimedia content for education. We help to adapt the traditional way of learning to online methodologies through implementation, execution, and monitoring with different online language training courses, blended learning techniques, and face-to-face teaching. These learning resources can be integrated into the platform which is in place at each educational center through our LMS/LCMS, Voluxion.

This online educational platform is customizable for each center, allowing it to be adapted to the corporate image of your school or university, with different elements that can be modified depending upon your needs and your SCORM content. This allows for consistency over all platforms, encouraging effective learning.

The SCORM content that we offer for the CAE includes videos, activities, and exercises which allow the student to learn the same way he/she learned his/her native language. Learning is undertaken in a structured way, in real contexts, visually and attractively, and through skills or objectives which immerse the user in learning and language use through interaction and participation in dialogs.

Language training through the blended learning method uses the Flipped Classroom system in which there is a series of face-to-face classes to practice what has been learned online. There is a Dexway Teacher Pack System with specific software for each classroom in which materials are combined with the software so that the teacher can organize his/her face-to-face classes with the materials that correspond to each student.

Additionally, the innovative Dexway Analytics feature offers teachers and students a more detailed view of the specific objectives that each course hopes to achieve, thus enriching the working methodology. This allows for the detection of the specific language areas that each student needs to reinforce.

Dexway Online Language Learning has its own methodology which promotes the concept of “learning by doing,” integrating the latest trends in technology applied to language learning. It is a natural, progressive, and comprehensive way to incorporate an excellent language learning technique into any teaching or training center.


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