More and more people are taking their language learning to the next level and signing up for language learning courses, in order to obtain language certificates to include in their CVs. As a result of globalisation, knowing more than two languages is key to securing a place on the job market. For this reason, implementing language courses at your school or educational institution offers multiple benefits.

With growing demand in language learning, there is great opportunity for success in this market, despite the fierce competition. If the language learning offered at your school is of a superior quality, success is certain.

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Why should I choose Dexway for language learning at my school?

#1 A methodology that really works

Dexway language courses feature a methodology which develops the concept of “learn by doing”, integrating the latest developments in technology applied to language learning. This philosophy is the basis for Dexway language solutions in a model for comprehensive, natural and progressive language learning, where students can assimilate the different concepts of the target language via an intuitive method of constant use and practice.

#2 Language Labs, Blended Learning and Online Solutions

There are many ways to learn languages. With Dexway, we offer three essential methods:

By offering a variety of learning solutions, your language academy or learning centre can attract a greater number of students with different learning needs.

As a result, the implementation of online language learning solution at your language academy will allow you to provide an improved service, with wider learning experience and better academic results.

#3 Tracking and Evaluation of students in real time

The innovative functionality of Dexway Analytics strengthens language learning methodology by providing specific and detailed objectives for both teachers and students. This allows reinforcement for each student or class in language points where further support is needed.

#4 Immersive Lessons

Dexway language courses offer structured learning, with real context, appealing visuals, videos and dynamic activities, allowing students to be immersed in the target language in the same way they have learned their native language.

#5 Conversational Groups

Students can access the course anytime, anywhere, with just a click. There, they can access rooms where they can see, hear, and converse with other Dexway students from their own course. These studio groups are accessible 24/7, 365 days a year, encouraging participation in an virtual, collaborative, online environment.

#6 Voice recognition and pronunciation evaluation

Students’ pronunciation is evaluated via voice recognition software, so they can compare their efforts for themselves against the pronunciation of a native. The software highlights mistakes in the student’s speech for them to see.

#7 Multi-platform software

All our language courses are accessible via any device, and through the synchronised App, in both online and offline versions. Dexway is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iPad and smartphones.

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