We are familiar with the phrase “Think globally, act locally”, which means that great changes start with smaller movements at a local scale.

You may have big dreams for your organisation; however, it is important to take your options into account in a realistic manner and, even more importantly, consider what your employees will need to achieve their aims effectively. The first step is to consider your organisation’s aims for growth. Where does it currently operate? How many countries would you like to extend into in a reasonable period? How many offices? What languages and cultures would be of the greatest benefit for those places? In this way you will know what you really need.

In business, thinking globally and acting locally means learning languages

The local plan

Before thinking about contracting external individuals (an expensive option with no guarantee of success), think about which of your employees needs to know a certain language. Employees are those who best implement the philosophy of the company and who from their experience know how to find suitable solutions for the company’s needs.

Often, companies do not know who speaks the language that they need, and it is therefore important to carry out a meticulous study similar to the one included in our level test to obtain the real and updated training of their employees. Perhaps their situation is better, or worse, than they had thought.

Learning languages

Finally, it is essential to begin to consider the options for developing that talent in the direction in which we wish to go. Language learning is not as disheartening as it was 10 years ago.

Online training makes language learning easy for employees and makes it more cost-effective for your organisation to provide that opportunity.

It is much more effective to construct a solid base to be able to construct a global business, which often requires expensive mitigation procedures and external contracting.

This said, each organisation with the means and opportunity owes it to itself to start to think globally before their competition does.

Here is more information about our Dexway method.