Dexway Online Learning Method: Learning Languages Any Time from Anywhere

The Dexway method uses student participation to recreat real-life situations organized in a learning environment that combines multimedia content and live interaction with native speakers and other learners. Students develop language skills naturally through structured lessons that allow progressive and flexible learning at the pace of the students while they learn grammar rules, lexical, and phonetic concepts through practice.

Placement test

Before starting the course, the student will complete a placement test that will position them in a level suited to their language skills. This online assessment is based on the guidelines of the CEFR and indicates what course level is most appropriate for the student.

Interactive course

Intuitive and interactive environment

The Dexway courses, in all forms, are composed of educational video-based lessons and interactive exercises for a fun structured learning experience using real-life situations in a highly intuitive multimedia environment and specifically developed for language training.

Structured progress or free

Dexway courses are structured so that they become increasingly more difficult, allowing a sequential, orderly and intuitive progression designed to strengthen all the language skills both of oral communication (listening and speaking), and written communication (reading and writing). However, in addition, the student can practice each of these competencies or skills in a personalized way, depending on the learning experience they want at the time.

Double evaluation of pronunciation

Dexway utilizes the most complete and reliable pronunciation evaluation system on the market. Firstly, our voice recognition software analyzes the student´s pronunciation, and automatically corrects and suggests how to improve it. Secondly, our tutors personally listen to the voice of the student in their free speech dialogues and provide suggestions, thus ensuring better evaluation of oral expression.

Support in the student’s language

Dexway courses have a support system in the initial courses, in the language of the student, to facilitate better understanding of all the elements of the content. The support system can be enabled or disabled by the student at any time.

Grammar manual and support in each unit

Each unit has access to the grammar studied in each lesson and unlimited access to the grammar from revious courses with the aim of providing students with constant assistance. Students also have access to a manual that contains grammar content for the whole course. The reference book is available online and can also be printed.


Dexway technology is accessible from virtually any mobile device on the market, with specific applications for Apple, Android and Windows 8.1 devices and through browsers designed for touch screens. Dexway students have the freedom to learn languages at anytime and anywhere, with automatic synchronization between devices. Also, students can download the course on their mobile device and access the course content without having an internet connection.

Live conversation

Live virtual environment
One of our keys to success is to get students to talk, talk and talk. Dexway courses are complemented by conversation practice which allows the student to practise the language being studied with teachers and other learners in a high-quality virtual environment which includes audio, webcam, whiteboard and live chat.

Live conversation with native teachers
Dexway students can participate in conversation classes with native teachers throughout the course. In this way, students practice their oral expressions and give opinions on various topics and interests, specifically designed for their level. The students only need to enroll in one of the many conversation classes that are scheduled for their level, which are offered every day of the week. The classes can be in group or individual.

Live conversation with other students
Dexway students can speak with other students from around the world, in the language level they are studying, anytime they want and with no time limit. In addition, a native tutor can help guide them if needed. Students can meet freely in the virtual rooms to practise conversations at any time.

Language community

Collaborative learning

Dexway is currently a large community where students from different parts of the world are networked. Our students can ask questions and share experiences with other students as well as invite them to participate in meeting rooms to discuss topics. Also, their participation in the community is a source of motivation to advance in the course thanks to our system of awards, achievements and reputation ratings.

Evaluation and certification

Rigorous teaching

Dexway prepares students to achieve the desired level and helps them visualize their progress through unit tests and final evaluations. Dexway courses prepare students so that they can perform the most recognized certification tests (Official Language School, ACLES, University of Cambridge, etc…). At the end of the Dexway course, our students receive a certificate of achievement for the completed course.

Active tutoring

Human touch

One of the principal characteristics of the Dexway method is the human touch. Students feel supported at all times.

Live Tutor

Dexway students can connect with  tutors at any time with just one click and talk to them live, face to face, to ask questions or resolve a doubt. No matter what time. If they desire, they can also contact them by email (in writing or by sending a recorded voice message), and receive an almost immediate response from one of the teachers.


Dexway offers students the opportunity to do writing and speaking workshops personally corrected by  tutors, who are responsible for evaluating exercises with individualized comments taking into account the progress of each student.

Support and motivation

Dexway tools make a difference: personally track the performance of students and contact them periodically to help and motivate them to successfully complete their courses.


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