Choosing an e-learning provider to complement your face-to-face classes as a training center or educational institution is not an easy task. At the moment, the market is reaching a degree of maturity in which there is a lot to choose from. This is partly because of the time that online learning has been with us, and partly because of the accelerated changes that the pandemic has caused in educational processes. However, only options like Dexway (by CAE), with more than 40 years of experience in the development of educational technology and e-learning content, can offer you the reliability and quality that your students demand.

The first thing to keep in mind when looking for your e-learning course and content provider is whether you have an educational platform and only need SCORM licenses or if, on the contrary, you do not have a learning platform and should opt for a comprehensive e-learning solution, with a platform plus content. Once we are clear about what we are looking for, we should analyze another series of needs specific to the center and its teaching modality.

6 keys to choosing the best e-learning provider in languages

e-learning provider

# 1 Be clear about the learning objectives

Any training institution must be very clear about its learning objectives, that is, on the one hand what type of content it wants, such as languages; and on the other, to which audiences it is addressed. Based on the objectives, you will be able to evaluate the e-learning providers that best suit the range of courses you want to offer to your students. For example, if you need: self-study courses, to teach blended classes or with specific topics by sectors. Additionally, you should consider what languages ​​ you need and at what levels.


#2 The prestige and experience of the e-learning provider

There is a wide range of courses on offer on the market but not all e-learning providers offer quality turnkey solutions. A provider with extensive experience knows the market, the needs of academies, universities, colleges and institutions, and even the problems and obstacles they face. In addition, experience and know-how offer quality, innovative solutions that really work. Prestige is also an important factor, choosing a provider that works with international clients, important brands that accredit the training solutions it offers and that provides other reputable distributors or training companies. The right e-learning provider will take the time to help you evaluate the learning content you require.


# 3 Choose the right e-learning content

It is wise to offer a wide catalog to reach a greater number of students. Language courses are undoubtedly among the most requested as they open doors to a global world. Once a good language e-learning provider has been identified, it’s time to evaluate the content objectives, their interactivity, the support tools and services provided by the e-learning provider, etc.


# 4 Specialization in content as well as development

Fourthly, you should assess and verify the focus of the content. A reputable language content developer who specializes in a specific training area will be able to offer you a whole lot more reliability and assurance in this area. Development, design and innovation is also key to offering exclusive, original solutions. A good provider of e-learning in languages ​​facilitates the most interactive courses on the market, with a wide variety in languages ​​and levels, structured, comprehensive courses where the student is 100% immersed in learning and obtaining the best results, and which include the most powerful voice recognition system on the market for the evaluation of pronunciation, etc. A provider that today, in the 21st century, offers you a book with a CD is not a good provider, since it will be distributing obsolete and unattractive solutions, which are impossible to update quickly or easily.


# 5 Monitoring and evaluation of the student is essential

Today, it is inconceivable that e-learning doesn’t include real-time monitoring and evaluation of the student. There should be a way of tracking the student’s activity integrated into the LMS platform along with many other valuable functionalities (for example, gamification or parental control). SCORM content does not always have this monitoring integrated, so a good e-learning developer where you can find it.


# 6 Classroom + E-learning Tools

The best e-learning manufacturer is the one that offers you a wide catalog of digital solutions that can also be compatible with face-to-face training and the classroom. Perhaps not all your students or potential students are looking for 100% online solutions and are interested in blended learning or face-to-face solutions such as a language laboratory. These solutions must always be accompanied by a series of digital tools that add value to the solution, making the teacher’s life much easier and the student’s experience much more complete.


Not all e-learning providers offer 360º solutions with different formats, and although training trends are changing, we must cater to different market demands.Competition does not stop growing and educational solutions evolve, which is why they must go hand in hand with an e-learning provider that provides security, quality assurance and innovation, that knows how to listen to your needs and supply you with the best LMS learning system as well as the most effective language specialized SCORM content.

Dexway offers you the security of having the most innovative content and elearning tools on the market. Our courses, with versions adapted to all educational and distance modalities (online, blended, flipped classroom, laboratories or face-to-face) are available in 8 languages, both in SCORM license for their own platform, as well as a turnkey solution consisting of content and platform.


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