CAE-Dexway’s specialized language division has developed new certification exams, with the proven experience of 40 years in blended/online training. Dexway language certificates are focused on assessment through practice. During the test, the four main competences in the study of a language are covered: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing, following the requirements of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Dexway has transferred its know-how to an online evaluation system aimed at all those study centers (schools, universities and educational institutions) that want to be part of the network of authorized Dexway centers and have an online / blended certification resource that indicates the level of their students in the different skills of the English language.

exámenes de certificación

Characteristics of Dexway Certification Exams

Dexway offers its authorized centers the possibility for their students to take an international certification exam that stands out from other tests due to:

▪ A unique, up-to-date methodology that maintains academic rigor, and which guarantees the same high quality as traditional international exams. This form of progressive, natural online evaluation helps students to test their level easily, effectively and quickly; thus helping students to achieve better results.

▪ An attractive virtual environment that integrates the latest technological trends applied to language exams, guaranteeing reliability.

International experience: Dexway’s know-how is used by internationally authorized centers.

The Dexway certification exam is multilevel, which means that students of various levels can take the same exam and, depending on the result, will obtain different level qualifications: A2 (basic), B1 (intermediate), B2 (upper-intermediate), C1 (upper). There are no failures, centers receive an indication of the level at which the student is. 

Dexway International English Certification Exams (DIECE)

Dexway offers different types of certification exams:

Academic – 120 MIN

Traditional competency certification system. The exam consists of the evaluation of knowledge and skills aligned to the Common European Framework of References for Languages. Recommended to find out if your students are going to be able to follow classes, do an Erasmus, or pass the cut/screen for access to a University, requiring, for example, levels B1 or B2 for access to the center.

General – 90 MIN

Assessment of knowledge by language skills. Aligned to the Common European Framework of References for Languages.

Essential – 60 MIN

For those centers that need to have a flexible level certification system with more effective, faster examination calls.

Business – 60 MIN

Save time and money in the selection process; both when incorporating new personnel from Human Resources as well as in the admission process at business study centers.

Young Adults – 60 MIN

Designed to assess the English language skills A2-B1.

Young Learners – 45 MIN

Specially designed for the transition to Secondary education. Aimed at ages 8 to 12 to determine if their level is A2.

exámenes de certificación

Advantages of the Dexway International English Certification Exams (DIECE)

Compared to traditional certification systems, these are the main advantages of Dexway certification exams:

  1. Speed ​​in obtaining the students’ results.
  2. More accessible: lower cost for the center / student.
  3. Less correction time: the self-assessment of 90% of the exercises saves teachers the arduous task of correction and evaluation. No unnecessary commuting.
  4. Call flexibility: each center can create an exam call quickly when necessary. The certification exams are carried out online, at home or at the authorized Dexway center, with the same or greater guarantees than face-to-face certifications.
  5. Latest technology and security: more than 40 years of international experience in both online and blended learning.
  6. 24×7 individual online exams.
  7. Anticopy guarantee: online or deferred recording and supervision system (Online Proctored Exams). Dexway has developed its own anti-copy software, with prior identification of the student, session recording and screen lock. For a single student or a group of students.

At CAE, we have been committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the field of training since our origins in 1981. The innovative nature of these new certification exams is further proof that training and certification in education benefits from the incorporation of technology and e-learning; thus favoring universal, agile and attractive access for the user.

If you would like more information about the Dexway certification exams, or about the advantages of being part of our authorized centers and the necessary requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.