During May, Dexway will unveil updates to its Spanish C1 e-learning courses. CAE’s language division will introduce improvements and new features in terms of technical and academic updates. The language division work teams for Computer Aided E-learning are constantly adapting the courses to the technical and educational innovations that we develop so that language students can take advantage of everything that online learning offers.

Dexway: Spanish e-learning course

The levels of Dexway Spanish language courses that will be updated in May are (Spanish C1 e-learning):

  • Spanish C1-1
  • Spanish C1-2
  • Spanish C1-3

Update to Spanish E-Learning Courses

Dexway Spanish courses, like the rest of CAE’s online or blended learning courses, allow students to access a unique virtual environment where they can study independently while having fun, with a variety of multimedia and interactive materials to keep them interested and motivated. Therefore, it is very important to update our courses so we can always offer the best content.

The Dexway Spanish modules are structured according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and allow a language immersion that imitates the native learning process, in a natural and progressive way. The variety of content ranges from grammar and vocabulary lessons to supplemental materials such as magazines, TV adds and even karaoke.

The Dexway methodology imitates the native language learning process in a natural and progressive way.

The mission of Dexway Spanish e-learning courses is to offer students the best possible experience in language learning by using a methodology that begins with practice.

With the Dexway method and its different online and blended learning methods, such as Flipped Classroom – inverted classroom – or Station Rotation, students have a range of varied and interactive online resources at their disposal, allowing them to take advantage of all the opportunities that a digital learning platform offers. With this goal in mind, Dexway language courses are periodically revised and improved in order to always offer the best possible version and incorporate all the updates being developed.

In this sense, the Spanish C1 course has been thoroughly revised to offer a revamped and complete version that adapts to the needs and expectations of students of Dexway Spanish courses.

Dexway E-Learning Courses: A Method That Works

The Dexway method, based on learning languages by practicing, or learning by doing, is a proven and structured approach that allows students to grow linearly from 0 to 100%, without any gaps. All language course materials are aligned with the rules established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, so students can acquire skills to improve the language as well as communication skills.

Dexway course levels correspond to the levels established by the European CEFR standard

Dexway courses are available in eight languages: English USA/UK, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish from eight years ago.  In addition, students can find interactive support in 11 different languages: English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Greek, Danish and Spanish, so they can consult the support, the student handbook or the dictionary in their native language.

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