Language certification with artificial intelligence allows much faster (instant) results thanks to the use of intelligent software with self-assessment. This technology, along with others such as machine learning, voice recognition, facial recognition, big data or blockchain, if used well, can facilitate many educational tasks in language learning: from corrections to certification storage, and even pronunciation evaluation or comprehensive monitoring.

Although we read about a diversity of controversies regarding AI in the headlines, we shouldn’t get the wrong impression and underestimate its usefulness. The fact is that AI can boost a whole range of educational processes, making it the perfect ally to online teaching or e-learning. Even the Vatican has published its own guide (“Ethics in the Age of Disruptive Technologies: An Operation Roadmap”) on the use of this technology, which demonstrates the impact it is having. This further encourages the importance of taking advantage of all its virtues for our own benefit and that of our students.

Language certification with artificial intelligence

In this ITEC (Institute for Technology, Ethics and Culture) document it is pointed out that:

Technology is now ubiquitous, and companies who fall behind in technology will increasingly fall behind. As just one example, among other advanced technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) offers the opportunity to create new and transformative data-driven business models. But it is not just for big software companies anymore; it is becoming an increasingly important part of the strategy of other industries as well. AI offers a way to attain business objectives across a multitude of sectors.

ITEC, “Ethics in the Age of Disruptive Technologies: An Operation Roadmap,” Markkula Center. Website, junio 2023, Available at:


How AI transforms placement testing

On our education platform, we have long been using an innovative system that uses AI to provide you with a secure and fast assessment of your students’ language skills. Test results for language certifications with artificial intelligence are available in seconds!


Benefits of language certification with artificial inteligence

Artificial intelligence changes the rules of the game in many areas. In education, it still has a long way to go, but we already have the first signs of its potential. For example, at Dexway, AI is playing an increasingly important role in the administration and evaluation of placement tests, offering several advantages over traditional methods. Let’s review the benefits of language certification with artificial intelligence:


#1 Adaptive evaluation

The technology used in AI-based placement tests has the remarkable ability to adapt the level of the assessment in real time, according to the performance of your students. In this way, and thanks to the use of advanced algorithms, the AI certification can adjust the questions and tasks during the test according to the failures and successes obtained by students.

This dynamic and adaptive approach allows for a much more accurate assessment of students’ abilities, eliminating repetition of questions that are too easy or too difficult, and, in turn, adapting to each student’s individual level. AI acts as a personalised guide, ensuring that students are assessed at a level of difficulty which is appropriate to their ability and offers them a more equitable and enriching assessment experience.

In a more traditional test, it is not possible to adapt in real time to the students’ answers.


#2 Immediate feedback

Unlike traditional assessment methods, where results can take days or even weeks to be available, AI-based placement tests offer the advantage of providing instant feedback. AI algorithms can process large amounts of data in a short time, so within seconds after the student completes the test, results are generated and presented immediately.

Such rapid feedback not only allows students to know their level of the different language skills, but it also provides detailed information about their specific performance in the test. In this way, students can quickly understand their strengths and areas for improvement, making it easier for them to make decisions about how to focus their learning and to work on the areas that require more attention. Immediate feedback is a valuable resource for the student, allowing them to reflect and make improvements in a timely manner, thus fostering a more efficient and effective learning process.


#3 Accuracy and objectivity in the evaluation

When you rely on artificial intelligence to correct online placement tests, you can be assured of an unprecedented level of accuracy and objectivity at your centre. The advanced algorithms used by AI have the ability to analyse and evaluate multiple aspects of language, such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening comprehension. This in turn guarantees an unbiased and reliable evaluation, as it avoids human biases that could influence the correction process.

AI works in a consistent and rigorous manner by applying objectively established criteria, which ensures fair assessment for all students. By eliminating the subjectivity inherent in human correction, AI provides a solid and reliable basis for measuring student performance in different language skills. This AI-based approach also allows for more accurate and detailed feedback, as algorithms can identify and pinpoint specific errors, providing clear recommendations for improvement.

In short, by leaving the evaluation in the hands of AI, we benefit from their unbiased and accurate analytical skills, which helps your school set a high standard of quality in language education.


#4 Accessibility and flexible scheduling

Language certification with artificial intelligence provides a more accessible and flexible approach to assessing language skills. Your students can take Dexway placement tests online from anywhere, anytime (24×7), eliminating geographical barriers and restrictive schedules.

This flexibility allows you to adapt to your students’ schedules with ease and security, since Dexway courses include online proctoring with either an online or delayed recording and monitoring system. This ensures a global recognition of results.


#5 Personalised learning

With the information gathered during the test, the AI can prepare a personalised study plan for each student based on their needs shown during the execution of the test. Once their strengths and weaknesses have been analysed during the test, all the information is then used to generate a customised plan.

With regards to traditional teaching, only the result at the end of the test is important, whereas with an educational platform all the information collected throughout the test is extremely valuable.


Having reviewed all of these advantages, we can affirm that through this cutting-edge technology you can obtain reliable and internationally recognised English language certifications. Dexway’s AI-powered placement tests are aligned with the CEFR and analyse your students’ abilities in the four basic language skills.



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