Artificial intelligence has gone from being the ubiquitous myth of science fiction stories to becoming a valuable resource that software developers are beginning to use to make some tasks easier, or even to offer services that would not have been possible before. While the newspapers run numerous articles about more or less useful questions to ask virtual intelligence, this technology is already making headway in many fields, and language teaching is one of them. Dexway, an expert developer of e-learning language content, is introducing new features for its courses based on this technology.

Artificial intelligence in language courses

The rapid advances in technology and the increasing role of AI are changing the way we learn and teach languages. Voice recognition, virtual assistants, automatic evaluations, adaptive tests… there are a multitude of possibilities that this technology offers the field of teaching.


New AI tasks and evaluation tests

In the Companion and Certificate courses, teachers have new Writing and Speaking tasks evaluated by IA for their students. These newly introduced tasks are linked to each of the units and review the objectives addressed in them, with the purpose of helping students to improve their production and mediation skills.

Regarding the latest additions to Academy and Certificate, new AI exams have been added for each of the courses. These are different exams with batteries of specific questions to address the objectives seen in each course. Each assessment consists of several sections that give students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding not only of grammatical aspects, but also of written production and pronunciation.


Artificial intelligence assistants in e-learning

A virtual assistant has been incorporated into the Dexway courses to help students deal with their doubts in real time, within the lessons themselves, in English, French and German. Students can request the help of Alice the digital tutor and ask questions that may arise while they are completing the exercises. For example, if they do not understand why one tense should be used instead of another or to ask for new examples to clarify the lesson, Alice can explain.

Artificial intelligence in language courses: AI Assistant

This integration will give our students a more personalized and effective learning experience. The artificial intelligence assistant puts an end to students not asking about the doubts that arise either due to embarrassment or to the time that passes between completing the tasks and the next tutorial or class.

Alice is another example of our commitment to providing students with the most advanced tools possible. Our aim is to support students on their journey to master a new language in the most effective and attractive ways we can. Above all, we aim to remain at the forefront of technological innovations. The integration of AI into our courses is another sign that artificial intelligence in language teaching is a safe bet for the future which offers multiple advantages for students.


New Dexway Fast English courses with AI

New Dexway Fast English courses for agile and practical English teaching. This new addition to Dexway’s course catalog brings the most AI-heavy versions of the entire catalog, with a host of interactive, AI-powered exercises.

Fast English has been designed for those students who want to learn English in a more dynamic way, practicing with situational videos and interacting with related interactive exercises throughout the course. After the videos of everyday situations, the student performs comprehension exercises with AI.

The new materials on offer from Dexway Fast English have dual applications: they can be used both as an online course and as materials for blended learning in classrooms. This is thanks to the use of situational video lessons and the related exercises that work on the concepts seen in them. In addition, the courses are complemented by artificial intelligence lessons with roleplay, written and spoken chats with AI, speaking and writing evaluated by AI or conversations between several students and AI.


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