Dexway, specialists in interactive courses and contents for languages, has developed and incorporated within their ample educational catalogue, new courses for the preparation of official exams of English (UK/USA) with international recognition such as First Certificate and Advanced Certificate.

The new Dexway courses for the preparation of official English exams, trains the student through efficient learning, focused on achieving success within the international official certificates independently of their level (Common European Framework for Languages).

preparacion examenes oficiales cursos dexway

The course functions in the same format as official exams throughout their structure and parts including units and lessons with exercises and activities that reinforce each linguistic skill to evaluate them within these official certificates.

  • Written comprehension and use of English: working with reading texts along with subsequent activities to test understanding. Including grammar and vocabulary exercises to practise the use of English.
  • Written expression: Working with the skill of drafting texts in various formats such as letters/emails both formal and informal, a budget, a report, a review, etc…
  • Listening comprehension: working with the area of listening where the student has to attentively listen to different audios in which are shown different real situations and answer questions related to the audios.
  • Oral expression: Speaking practise, across exercises that propose a topic of conversation, incorporated with the most advanced voice recognition system on the market so that the student can practise their oral expression on a individual level, along with study groups where the student can converse with other students about similar topics of those found in real exams.

Each part of the exam is completed with a chronometer the same as found within the real official exam, so that the students are able to master the time needed to complete each part.

With academic rigour joined with the unmatched interactivity of the Dexway courses facilitates educational institutions to train their students in a very advanced level of English so that they can achieve academic and professional success surpassing with ease the official international certificates.

preparacion examenes oficiales cursos dexway

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