Dexway presents some great new features in the LMS environment (educational platform) through which teachers will enjoy a more enriching, comprehensive and personalized experience. These new features have been designed to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning by providing teachers with advanced tools that will allow them to further adapt their classes to the needs of their groups.

These new features include options to personalize the user experience according to the preferences and needs of each teacher. The aim is that the tasks of organizing classes, managing materials, consulting content and groups or monitoring students and groups are as intuitive as possible, with an easy-to-use, customizable space.

Additions such as access control to lessons and the distribution of hours, preview of the student portal, personalization of the home page (favorites for faster access) or new tabs such as “materials” or “Dexway objectives” aim to facilitate day-to-day tasks. As no two teachers work in the same way, at Dexway we want to offer you the ability to customize your teacher portal to suit your needs.


Commitment to the role of the teacher in e-learning

Our Dexway courses are specially designed to be used in multiple modalities: online, in person Classrooms, blended lessons, laboratories… In them, the role of the teacher varies in degree of presence, but not in importance. It is key to have a teacher or tutor who is dedicated, at a minimum, to monitoring. But it doesn’t stop there. The teacher plays a fundamental role as a guide, facilitator and motivator in this digital environment. Their experience and skills are essential to ensure that students achieve their educational goals effectively.

And also those of the teachers themselves. This article from Concordia University, Texas, points out that among the main reasons for using technology in the classroom, is that it provides essential tools for teachers and allows them to advance their careers.

Teachers in eLearning act as knowledge facilitators, helping students understand and apply complex concepts. They provide clarity in the presentation of content, answer questions, and encourage active student participation in class (blended) or through discussion forums, live chats, and other online communication tools. Additionally, the teacher can adapt the pace and depth of learning to each student’s individual needs, offering more personalized attention.

Taking all this into account, we can conclude that the role of the teacher in e-learning is essential to guarantee effective, personalized and motivating learning in the digital world. Your ability to guide, facilitate, and maintain student engagement is key to the success of the online educational process. And therefore, it is natural that it is Dexway’s goal to provide you with an increasingly improved environment, which helps you perform your day-to-day tasks more efficiently.


Other Dexway autumn news

We must also mention the other, significant, improvements to the courses as well as the advances in the development of the LMS that have been added to Dexway. Among them, the prominence of artificial intelligence stands out, with several services available: