Time has shown the benefits of the language laboratoriy and its use has been widespread and generalized. Due to the multiple advantages offered by this method of learning, there are many prestigious universities and schools that today offer on-site training managed with classroom support in the network.

The language labs, or network classes, is a complete tool designed for students to learn a language in person. Thanks to the interactivity provided by the digital environment, participation, linguistic immersion and student engagement are encouraged.

Benefits of the language laboratory in Schools and Universities

The language laboratory is not only a resource to support on-site teaching, but also a space in which the teacher generates and develops different actions for his students to learn. In this way the training offer is enriched by optimizing teaching hours, which undoubtedly brings added value to the center.


Language laboratories offer a teaching-learning system with more functions and possibilities

As defined by the authors Area, M. and Adell, J. (2009; “eLearning: Teaching and learning in virtual spaces),” The language laboratory is an environment created virtually with the intention that a student obtain learning experiences through of resources and multimedia training materials under the supervision and interaction of the teacher”. When the student accesses a virtual classroom, they perform learning actions, as how it happens in the classroom settings, for example: reading texts, asking questions, completing exercises or participating in a debate.

The most significant difference is that now the student makes use of the most advanced technological innovations and educational content to learn in a more attractive and practical way.

One of the main objectives of the language laboratory is self-learning. Through self-learning the student advances in a structured and progressive way until reaching the educational objectives established by the educational center. The Dexway method guarantees a natural and progressive learning from 0 to 100%, without gaps.

According to a study conducted in 2016 by the authors van Laer and Elen for the Center for Psychology and Instructional Technology of Leuven (Belgium), student performance correlates positively with the use of self-regulated learning strategies. This study shows how self-learning is also strongly related to motivation. Therefore, it seems clear that self-regulated learning is an important and crucial factor for student success.

In addition, Dexway language laboratories, leaders in the language e-learning sector, offer many other advantages:


4 benefits of the language laboratory


#1 A faster and more efficient learning

 Students learn more and better, taking much more time.

With the language laboratory students achieve better results of retention, and progress in language learning. The student will be able to practice in a pleasant and interactive way the 4 main linguistic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.


#2 Its implementation does not require a high cost

Educational institutions can take advantage of the technological resources of the center already available. You only need the installation of the license in the central computer of the classroom, and stations with headphones and microphones. In addition, Dexway language courses are so intuitive that you do not need an instructor or pre-use training.


#3 The teacher has a more important role

With the language laboratory the teacher plays the role of “coach”, easily managing the class with a greater volume of interactive resources and more participatory students. Thanks to the control software you can track and evaluate your students automatically.


#4 It favors the diversity of the classroom

 The interactive language courses of the language laboratory are tailored to the individual needs of students. This is especially useful in the case of schools, with different levels. The teacher can easily track and evaluate the students in real time and thus strengthen their weaknesses with the group or individually.


In summary, the Dexway language laboratory is a very useful and efficient tool for both teachers and students. A complete and profitable tool for educational institutions that seek to optimize the quality of language teaching. Discover now how the Dexway language laboratory can provide your center with an image consistent with the technological and digital innovation applied to teaching, typical of the 21st century.


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