Do you know what is necessary in order to find a professional position in the UK? In this article we will explain some basic requirements for going to the UK to look for work.

Do you have a C1 level of English? A C1 level of English means that you can comprehend a large variety of texts and understand subtle, implied meaning. With a C1 level of English you will know how to express yourself fluently and without hesitation.

This level of English is necessary in order to find a professional position in the UK.

Firstly, it is quite important that your Curriculum Vitae is up-to-date and in perfect English. Any mistakes here may have severe consequences! Try to run over all your details with a native English speaker, who has specific knowledge in your vocational sector rather than just using an automatic translator. Also, you may try and look for recognition of your diplomas.

Where can you see if your Degree is accepted in the UK?

You need to go to the website of the UK NARIC (National Recognition Information Centre). There you may obtain a comparison statement for people with international qualifications or vocational training, compatible within all UK businesses, government institutions and employment services.

Lastly, don’t lose faith. Even if you don’t find the job you are looking for, just going to the UK and going job hunting is character building and will improve your language skills.

If you find you are too busy to go to English classes, you can always use an online platformas a brilliant alternative to study in your own time in the comfort of your own home.

If you have worked in the UK before, which I’m sure most of you have, then tell us about your experience so that others may learn.