Whether you are looking for a job or you are in the HR sector, interviews will play an important part in your life. If you form part of an HR team then you might have to conduct an interview and it is worth knowing how to do this efficiently. If you are planning on looking for a new job then you are already doing yourself a favor by learning another language; it’s a very important skill, but it is also helpful to know what interviewers are looking for in the interview process.

This video by CIPD is a short conversation between an HR professional and an interviewer. They are discussing some issues that have arisen with the first part of any interview process: the CV. If you would like more information on writing a CV to apply for a job in the UK then read this article. If you want to read some hints and tips about how to be successful in an interview then read this article.


Here are some of the more interesting words and phrases from the video:

Bunch – Group

To double check – To revise; to check twice.

Impressive – Effective; striking; of high quality.

To pass a more experienced eye over something – To get somebody that is more experienced to have a look at something.

Mail order – Available to buy online or from a catalog.

Awarding body – A recognized organization.

MBA textbook – A textbook for writing in an academic style.

Command – Control.

To cause concern – To worry (transitive verb).

Unaccounted for – Not  accounted-for; nobody has realized a certain thing.

To undersell yourself – Not giving yourself the praise you deserve.

Competencies – Skills; abilities.

Cold call – To call somebody, usually with the intention of selling them something, without previously arranging the call.

Deliverables – A thing able to be provided especially as a result of training.

Key performance indicators – A measure of performance, often called a KPI