In recent times, the language lab, or networked classroom, has established itself as one of the most widely used tools in the classroom to modernize educational content and improve access to knowledge. Using language labs with voice recognition has gone from being a supplement to becoming an almost essential component in the teaching techniques used in face-to-face classes.

The arrival of new technologies is undoubtedly the main reason for the changes to our current lifestyle habits. Incorporating these new technologies in education has also led to a new direction in the way we acquire knowledge. As a result, learning processes have also undergone a major change.

Aula con laboratorio de idiomas Dexway

Networked classrooms, with or without Internet access, are an educational resource that makes the teacher’s job easier

The growing use of modernized and improved language labs along with new developments in technology have a clear impact on the teacher’s role. Due to these improvements, teachers take on other educational roles and their job doesn’t focus as much on the traditional role of transmitting information. Now the teacher takes on the role of a coach or guide, an expert who will be responsible for motivating students in the learning process.

Networked classrooms provide teachers with all the necessary resources to teach a high-quality class. First of all, teachers choose with just one click the content that they want to set as the learning objectives, which will automatically apply it to the course content.

This easy way of planning content and learning activities can also be found in the so-called Classroom Companion, which is being used more and more in classrooms. With the Classroom Companion language solution, Dexway offers a course structured in accordance with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), where teachers have multiple resources available so they can apply new teaching methods in their classrooms: additional reinforcement exercises kit, automatic student progress reports by skill, etc.

Another advantage this Dexway solution offers for teachers is that it allows them to monitor students by objective, as well as providing continuous assessments. Now you can be aware of your students’ performance in real time and easily assess them in each of the four main language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

We can without a doubt conclude that the way the trainer has adapted to technological changes geared towards education has generated major improvements in language teaching. Networked classrooms allow teachers to have complete flexibility when it comes to designing their language classes while also having the ability to simultaneously monitor their students’ learning in real time. Dexway provides the trainer with all the necessary tools to enhance the effectiveness of their classes by interacting with the student.

With Dexway’s language lab, teachers will be able to utilize the methodology used at their center, guaranteeing success and 100% effective language learning.


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