Conventionally, eLearning has come to associate itself from a desktop, or from laptops, for those of you who opt for better mobility options. Nevertheless, the convergence of mechanisms now allows us to opt for a wide range of devices.

The imposition of Smartphones and tablets in our lives has converted these devices in an extension of our body thanks to its multiple tasks, permitting its arrival into a more compelling way for language learning, enabling the linguistic emersion and increasing notably the potential knowledge.

These tools are ideal for those who find themselves outside their home or office, those who work from a mobile phone or who do not have access to a computer on a daily basis. They are also, those who wish to continue the training either by Smartphone or tablet, allowing flexibility and dynamism, increasing the access rates and success in the training course.

Undoubtedly, the impact of these mechanisms in eLearning is astounding and beholds a promising future with a prominent positioning in the market.

At the present time, learning online is overcoming all expectations, remaining in many cases more efficient than classroom learning. Needless to say, eLearning from these new devices, which are even more student friendly, has come here to stay.

Currently, Dexway grants learning from their educational platform SCORM and AICC, as well as from our platform based on our broad experience for over 33 years in the market.

Other characteristics that make our platform unique are the positioning, progression, consolidation and Certification test.

The Dexway Certificate courses are aligned with the standard CEFR (from A1 to C1) and with the official tests (Cambridge, TOEFL, DELF-DALF, Goethe, etc.), counting with structured lessons for a progressive learning pace and interactive content accessible for Smartphones and tablets.

Another great technological contribution of our learning platform to the use of mobile devices is the possibility of downloading the contents beforehand to facilitate learning without having to have internet connection, saving data and time, establishing the payment of license per device, not by student, which means cost-effectiveness for the language laboratories.

Dexway places at your disposal APPs for Android and IOS (iPhone, iPads, etc.) in the corresponding sales points.

Dexway, innovation and technology, at the service of eLearning.