Communication between people is one of the greatest gifts that we have as humans.  Making small talk conversation with someone at the bus stop, chatting with some friends about the World Cup Tournament in a coffee shop, or having a long, in-depth convo with a friend on the other side of the world through video conference.  We talk, we make gestures, smile, all of which connect us to the people around us.  Most of us take for granted the languages that we speak everyday.  Not until you live in a place where a different language is spoken, and you have no idea what is happening around you, can you really start to appreciate the gift of language.  There are many different languages spoken around the world, however, in the world of languages, English and Mandarin (Chinese) usually take the limelight.  But what about the Spanish language?

Spanish is the second largest language in the world used as a mother tongue.  There are approximately 470 million native Spanish speakers around the world.  And Spanish as a second language? Currently there are about twenty million people learning Spanish as a second language!  Some specialists have forecasted that in the not so distant future, the United States will be the country with the most Spanish speakers in the world! But what about Spanish being used in the world of social media and the internet.

When we think of the language of the internet, we typically think of English.  However, some new findings from the Cervantes Institute have produced some pretty interesting information.  Approximately 7.8% of people that use the internet communicate in Spanish, making it the third most utilized language online.  The number of the population that uses Spanish as its mother language is growing, which will make it even more utilized on the internet in the future.  There is no better time to learn Spanish!

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