July has arrived!  And for those of you who know anything about Spanish culture, when July has  arrived, that means the bulls have arrived!  If you are thinking of travelling to a Spanish speaking country this summer, you may want to find out if there are any local events happening near you where huge bulls chase brave runners down city streets!  The most famous of these so called ¨Bull Runs¨ is that which is held during the Sanfermines festival inPamplona, Spain.    The tradition is thought to have started in the Northeast region of Spain in the 14th century.  While transporting cattle from their pens to the markets, workers would try and hurry the process using scare tactics that would frighten the bulls. After time, it started to become a competition where men would run in front of the bulls and try to reach their corral without being trampled!

Another popular bull event in the month of July is held in the coastal town ofDenia, Spain. This event is called ¨Toros al Mar¨ which in English is ¨The Bulls into the Sea¨.  The name is quite literal!  Bulls are released to chase young people down the main street of Denia, Calle Marqués de Campo, and into a bullring at the port where people try to get the bulls to jump into the sea! After the bulls are in the sea, men with paddle boats then help the bulls safely back to shore.

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