Language learning fails to neither understand time nor strict divisions. At least not today when our society has embarked well into the XXI century, and little or nothing has to do with the way acquiring foreign languages used to be focused. There has been a substantive change in the way students were accustomed to learn in classrooms less than a decade ago.

Who doesn’t remember memorizing vocabulary, verb tenses and grammar with the only aim to pass the test? Who doesn’t remember learning theory without contextualized practice, the scarce time dedicated to conversation and a lot of times, the insufficient training skills of teachers? In conclusion, a combination which resulted in a long, boring and inefficient learning process.

Quite to the contrary, the way to approach a new language should be attractive, fun and productive. And it is now that we know how to emphasize in “learning by doing”, offering the students solutions that easily adapt to their needs and rhythm of life, or conducting a follow-up of their actual progress. These are fundamental tools to obtain a successful learning experience.  All of this, independently from the language, the academic level of the student or their age.

The practical implementation of knowledge is the first step to purposeful learning. To learn how to speak a language you have to practice conversing. To be able to understand grammar, you have to complete the exercises, and to know how to use a language in each context, you have to watch videos, read texts and take one step closer to the reality of the countries where it is spoken.

In addition, we can’t forget the importance of finding flexible solutions for the students. Nowadays, we see ourselves obliged to conciliate a personal and professional lifestyle, which means that the time dedicated to the training tends to be limited. For this reason, for its great value, the time employed in learning a language should be measured by its quality and usefulness.

To count with the assistance of a Virtual class to practice with other students or with teachers, not only is it a recommended supplement of the training, but in the majority of the occasions a difference in the quality, which with time is converted in a necessity for its easy handling and its outstanding results in the process of achieving an effective learning experience.

Another common mistake in the learning environment usually is marking a deadline. It will depend of the student’s own rhythm to determine the necessary time to reach the optimal use of the foreign language. It is important that the educational platform that we choose has the possibility to prepare an individualized learning plan, as well as the possibility to advance to a higher level when the student himself feels ready; all this with a follow-up of the student’s progression, with detailed reports of each acquired ability in each lesson.

As a result, intelligent educational platforms like Dexway are converted in the gran alternative for students nowadays, combining practical usage, flexibility and quality.  It’s not possible to think of our world today without thinking about eLearning, with its simplicity which allows us to learn with a simple click, with all its advantages of professional tutors, with a personalized follow-up and the practical implementation of the knowledge acquired.