Licenses for packages with specialized didactic and training content to complement your training methodology through eLearning.

License for 12 months for Online, Blended and Networked Classrooms modalities.

All the courses have Placement Test.

Now with your first DEXWAY PACK, you will get a 20% discount on the second PACK.



What if I need 50 courses?

If you need more courses than those included in a pack (25), you can add more than one pack to the cart: 2 packs, 50 courses; 3 packs, 75 courses.

For packs of more than 75 courses, and for higher volumes, register to obtain the discount code.

What is the Distributor code?

When registering as a distributor on our website (after checking the activity), you will be sent a distributor code that you will use on the web to receive discounts for purchase volume.

Do I need a learning platform to use the courses?

In order to use the Online and Blended packs of SCORM licenses, you need an educational platform where you will install the Dexway courses. If you need a platform (LMS, Virtual Campus) with Dexway courses, contact us.

What are the different types of Dexway English courses?

Dexway has several versions with different Scope & Sequence and objectives, depending on the age for which they are intended, the communicative purpose, the objectives, etc. However, this does not affect the level of the courses that follow the requirements of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), and that range from A1 to C1.

Dexway Courses : Dexway Classroom Companion, Dexway English for Beginners / Intermediate, Dexway Certificate, Dexway Academy, Dexway Communicate, Dexway Professional, Dexway Specifics, Dexway Exam Preparation , Dexway Reinforcement.

How do student conversation groups work?

Dexway Student Conversation Groups * allow you to practice the target language at any time and from any lesson in the course. When a student requests to create a conversation group, our software informs the other students of the same level who are currently taking the course.

If the answers exceed more than nine students, another group is automatically formed. Dexway has English-speaking staff who also help and motivate groups of students sporadically. Included in the courses (SCORM license) and web portal.

* Only available for people over 18 years old.

How does the Flipped Classroom work?

The inverted, or flipped classroom, is a form of blended learning that reverses the order of traditional education, leaving much of the weight of study outside the classroom and dedicating face-to-face classes to practical tasks. That is to say, the students study the lessons or didactic units of the online course at home first, and then the practical classes with the teacher take place.

Advantages of the Flipped Classroom:

  • Reduced number of classes with a teacher.
  • It allows you to group students from different courses and so avoids losing students.
  • Student groups can be different each time.
  • It facilitates the attendance of students to classes at different times (if desired and / or allowed).

Do the courses have level tests?

Our courses have random level tests for each student, and include the option to automatically “self- enroll” students based on the results of each level.

Help during the course in the student's first language

This option is only available for levels A1 and A2. Support languages: French, Spanish, German, English, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Catalan and Valencian.


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