Phrasal verbs are a construction which uses prepositions and adverbs to change the literal meaning of the verb. A phrasal verb can have various meanings depending on the context. In this article we are going to use phrasal verbs in the context of health.

Here are five phrasal verbs which can be used to describe our health:

To come down with something implies that we are in the early stages of illness, for example, I have just come down with a cold.

To fight something off indicates that you are battling an illness. For example, I am fighting off influenza.

To bring something down indicates that something is lowered such as body temperature, for example, the aspirin bought my temperature down.

To pass out means to lose consciousness, as in, every time I see blood I pass out.

To get over means that I have recovered from an illness or emotional stress, as in When he gets over the flu, he´ll go back to work or I am getting over the pain of my last relationship