Maybe you have thought many times about learning a second lanuage, but probably you thought to yourself that it would be to hard.  French, German, Spanish? ¨I can´t learn another language, language learning is only for the highly gifted or extremely talented¨.  If you have thought that, you need to think again!  Learning a second language is so easy that even a bird can go on an extended vacation to South America and learn Spanish while he´s there.

Yes, you read that right, the BBC is reporting on a perrot that flew away from his owner four years ago, and returned this week speaking in Spanish.  Can you believe it?!  Yes, the bird left speaking in a British English accent, now speaks Spanish and says that he is from Panama.  Many people have been perplexed by this story, but somehow the parrot was a immersed in a Spanish speaking culture and was able to pick up Spanish words and phrases while he was there.

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