Here you can find useful information (White papers, case study…) and updates about Dexway, leading learning experts in the training sector. Dexway is specialized in educational language projects: online/offline and blended learning.

For over 35 years, Dexway has successfully implemented a multitude of training projects, making use of new technologies easier for educators, professionals and training managers.

Our Dexway language learning method, is market leader due to its effectiveness in learning the language naturally and progressively, from 0 to 100%, without gaps. It is used by the most prestigious colleges and universities as well government organizations. Millions of people around the world enjoy our languages courses (English, Spanish, French, German, …).

 Blended Learning

Discover why Blended Learning is the teaching model which obtains the best results.

E-Learning platforms

Discover how e-learning platforms have a positive impact on the educational process.

 Success Stories

Discover in this ebook everything that you must know about rotation labs.

Language Labs: Multiplying the options for linguistic immersion

Language Labs and How They Have Changed with Online Language Courses.

Advantages of a Flipped Classroom for a face-to-face teaching

What is Flipped Classroom? How is it developed in the language classroom?

Dexway, much more than a digital extension

We analyse the main problems of the digital extensions of language centers.

 Stand out from the competition

Attracting and retaining students are the main concerns that language schools have. Take your courses to the next level by customizing them.

Problems forming groups at your language school?

One of the challenges that every language course encounters is forming effective and efficient groups,

Educational Technology: the Most Advanced Way to Learn Languages

Educational Technology: the Most Advanced Way to Learn Languages

Language training in language centers and universities has traditionally been a sector reluctant to adopt educational technology: until now, it was a below-average sector in digital transformation. We explained the causes that explain it in our white paper on language...

3 Successful E-learning Solutions for Language Training

3 Successful E-learning Solutions for Language Training

Language training e-learning solutions have come a very long way since the early days of rote language learning. More and more professionals are seeking to invest their time in learning a new language, and many of them are discovering just how much easier it is to do...

Voice Recognition is Essential for Effective Language Learning

Voice Recognition is Essential for Effective Language Learning

Learning a foreign language has many benefits. It can help people make better decisions, aid executive brain function and even increase earning potential. There are also a wide range of benefits for businesses that employ workers with language skills. After all, the...