Did you ever think the English language had stopped growing?  That there just wasn’t anything else to learn? Well, think again!  A businessman from Australia is trying to add a new letter to the alphabet.

It is a symbol for the word ¨the¨.  He argues that other letters have a symbol like the word ¨and¨ which has the symbol ¨&¨ and it is found on all keyboards and tablets. He argues that it will benefit many people using social websites like twitter where there is a maximum letter capacity.  Instead of three letters you would only have to use one.

The word ¨the¨ is the most common word in the English language. It appears in roughly 80% of all written paragraphs. The man makes a pretty good point, but will it catch on?  He has invested over $35,000 into his app which is available in the Apple APP store. His hope is that like the & symbol, computer makers will start including it on keyboards and tablets. However, apparently Apple has shown little interest in doing that at this point and many computer experts doubt that it will ever be added. What do you think? Well, either way, you can keep studying a foreign language nonetheless like the online Spanish courses that dexway offers!


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