Be among one of the most famous writers and adventurers in history by learning the Spanish language! Who am I talking about? Ernest Hemingway of course!  Did you know that Hemingway spent a considerable amount of time during his life in both Spain and Cuba? And did you know that he spoke Spanish?

Hemingway was an adventurer, a man who travelled all over the world, putting himself in harms way in locations from the bush in Africa, to WWII in the North of Europe as well as braving the seas in his boat in the Caribbean.  But probably one of the most notable parts of his life was his involvement in the Spanish and Latin American cultures.  He spent considerable amount of time in Spain during his life and had a second residence in the country of Cuba.  Usually spending his winters there.  He was known to be proficient in the Spanish language, most likely garnered from his immersion into cultures where it was the native language.

Hemingway was first sent to Spain by an American newspaper to report on the Civil War that was taking place in the 1930´s.  His time spent in Spain would later inspire him to write one of his greatest novels in ¨For Whom the Bell Tolls¨.  It was a fiction based on true events about a young american man who spent time fighting in the Spanish Civil War.  Hemingway was also known to have a passion and fascination with bullfighting.  Later in his life, TIME magazine would commission him to write a special piece on the sport.


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