Become more apart of the world community by learning Spanish online!  If you have your heart set on traveling to a Spanish speaking country, it is really important to learn Spanish to enhance your experience overseas.  There are many different cultural experiences that you can have around the world, but one that comes to my mind above many others is the El Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Have you ever seen the movie ¨The Way¨, starring famous american actors Martin Sheen and his son Emilio Estevez?  The movie is set in modern times, but it is based on one of the most famous Christian pilgrimages from the Medieval era, El Camino de Santiago, or in English, The Way of Saint James.  This is a path that is located in the North of Spain, which generally starts somewhere in the pyrenees mountains and ends at Santiago de Compostela in the Northwestern region of Spain. This is where it is believed that the remains of Saint Peter the apostle of Jesus are buried.  Thousands of people both Christians and non, travel this path every year by foot, bicycle, or donkey.

If you were to travel this path, you would become apart of a community that has travelled it for hundreds of years.  One of the great experiences of travelling this path is that you have the chance to interact with not only other pilgrims on the same journey, but with Spanish locals along the way.  Learning Spanish online is a great way to enhance a foreign journey like that of El Camino de Santiago.

With the busyness of life, sometimes it is good and healthy to take a modern day pilgrimage, to get away from the hustle and bustle and just have time to take a step back and reassess life.  Start that pilgrimage today and sign up for an online Spanish course with dexway!