Flipped Classroom: Teacher training for educational excellence

#1 Speak English in the classroom

The best way to learn English or any language is to speak it. And generally, this is usually the biggest deficiency in learning English. In many classrooms the factor is usually the lack of time to practice the spoken language. However, thanks to the methodology of the 21st century, the flipped classroom, teachers and educators optimize the time in the classroom for a better use of “speaking” while students learn new vocabulary, grammar and other things at home.

Thus, the whole process of memory learning (practice of verbal tenses, vocabulary, etc.), which is what more time and dedication entails, can be worked at home by the students themselves, adapted to the rhythm of each one to get much more prepared to lessons.


#2 Memorize the grammar at home

As we mentioned before, the flipped classroom, the student who is learning English, can do following the course material all those exercises that the teacher indicates at home to go practicing from the base of the language through videos with real situations, pronunciation practice, grammar exercises and use of English, vocabulary, etc.

This phase of the language learning process is vital and if you work from home by dedicating the time that each student needs, you can take much more advantage of the class with your teacher to answer questions and do group exercises and collaborative practices.


#3 Reinforce learning with interactive and multimedia resources

The basis of the flipped Classroom, in addition to making the most of the classes with the teacher as a coach, to carry out practical activities and exercises and answer questions between classmates, is to learn in a blended learning format in which students thanks to an infinite number of interactive contents and multimedia, you can work each lesson the number of times you need, respecting your learning pace.

Another advantage of using interactive resources is that students learn through a close environment with which they feel identified, through technology and multimedia content with which learning English will be much more attractive and effective.


 #4 Dedicate more time to your students

As we have seen, learning English will be much more enjoyable and effective thanks to the flipped classroom. But in addition, educators and teachers can see and analyze the progress of each of their students, to influence, correct, and deepen the understanding of the language.

In the traditional learning model, the teacher does not have time to devote everything they would like to each student to answer questions because there is not enough time to help each of them in a personalized way since he has to give a group class.

However, with the flipped classroom model, students advance in English learning at home, and come to class with doubts to be solved in a group, which helps other classmates. In addition, thanks to the online educational platforms, the teacher knows at all times what each student is failing, being able to get detailed and personalized reports of them all and then in the class, review those concepts that are not clear at a general level and carry out activities focused on strengthening the lessons that cost each of them the most.


To learn languages it is essential to choose the proper method, and the flipped classroom has come to become the best method to teach and learn English in schools, universities and training centers.


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