Most of us could use our mobile phones with our eyes shut and our hands tied behind our backs.  So why not change the language on your phone to the language you are trying to learn.You probably know where the messages are, and how to find different apps regardless of the language, so it’s a great way to have an extra bit of language immersion in your life without feeling like you’re studying. It’s almost cheating! But, before you know it you’ll have acquired a new collection of technology vocab just by getting your phone out of your pocket! Just make sure you remember how to change the language back to the original language in case you get stuck, or have a dictionary at home in case of mobile emergencies!  Linguistic immersion is the most effective way to improve your language learning.

Another way to improve your language learning is by enrolling in a language course and dexway has many different language course options for you to choose from.  dexway´s easy to use online platform will make your learning experience very enjoyable.  Delight in all of the dexway features such as online Spanish classes with a native speaking tutor that allows you to not only have the ease and accessibility of doing an online Spanish course, but have face to face contact with real people as well.  Also, you can make use of our online community that allows you to converse and connect with other students that are also learning Spanish online.  Don’t wait any longer and make use of this excellent opportunity so that you can fully experience your future travels!