Studying a second language and becoming bilingual is no easy task!  Thousands of people start to learn a second language, but only a few will become proficient in another language.  What separates these two groups? Well, first off, like anything you need to have a plan, as second language learning really comes down to you being motivated and organized.  You can’t just study a language a little here and there, you need to have a schedule and a plan and you need to get organized in order to really make improvements in any second language.  It is a daily activity.  Even if that is just looking at flash cards while you ride the bus to work.

Most of us have a busy schedule, and for language learners, that makes it difficult to find the time in order to study the language.  You need to find the breaks in your schedule and use that time to practice your language.  For example, if you have one hour of free time after work in the evening before you go to soccer practice. Instead of relaxing and watching television, use that time to study Spanish online.  Each free moment, we are presented with a decision to progress in the language we are studying or to regress in the language.  You have to be proactive and go for it!

What does this have to do with dexway.  Well, as dexway is an online platform, you need to have a schedule and a plan all the more.  Now, dexway is offering an optional study planner that will help you get a plan together and finish your Spanish course on time and in the best way.  This planner suggests by default an organised and logical method of studying. The objective is to help students maintain a steady pace and complete the course on time. In addition, the student can introduce the parameters to determine or modify this plan as they like, or along with their needs. For example, they can indicate the number of lessons that they wish to complete each week, they can decide the days of the week that they wish to do the course, and they can also choose the days they wish to avoid.  Later during the training, the planning can be readjusted automatically depending on the activity or routine of the student. As well, this planning lets the student configure the agenda taking into consideration the most important holidays in the student’s country.