Dexway Innovation in Languages Thu, 24 Nov 2022 12:49:01 +0000 en-US hourly 1 5 keys to the Dexway method success: methodology in language teaching Thu, 24 Nov 2022 12:49:01 +0000 We break down the keys to the success of the Dexway method as a language teaching methodology that works all over the world

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In the last decade, it has become apparent that the selection of the language teaching methodology makes a difference in the results obtained by the students. We are not talking about the grades, but about the actual abilities developed to communicate in a foreign language.

We live in a globalized world in which every day it is more important to master other languages. Before learning languages ​​was optional, today it is an absolute must.

Given this context, we must be able to provide students with the educational tools that allow them to successfully perform in those languages ​​that the educational and/or professional environment requires. It is, therefore, to prepare students for the future.

Hence the creation of a language teaching methodology arises seeking to provide answers and solutions to the difficulties analyzed in foreign language acquisition.

Students in a language classroom learning with the Dexway method


Key factors that explain the Dexway method success for language learning

At Dexway, we have developed a language teaching method that stems from our more than 40 years of experience in educational technology and language learning. To date, over 1800 companies and educational institutions have enjoyed the benefits of adopting our e-learning methodology.

Let us see the pillars that support the Dexway method success:  

Interaction and engagement

The lessons and activities that are part of the LMS Dexway platform are designed to encourage continuous student interaction and participation.

The platform prevents students from adopting a passive role in their learning. This makes them active actors in their education and progress inside and outside the classroom. In this way, apart from keeping students interested in the subject, it makes them more responsible for their training.

Nothing should make us think that teaching that relies on an educational platform leads to solitary learning since it creates work groups to facilitate collaboration while promoting cooperation and integration.


Emulation of real-life situations

This platform provides an educational environment inspired by real and current situations which represent what a student can find when learning a new language. 

Therefore, this platform provides practical and applied education. That is, all the knowledge acquired in each of the lessons is linked to different activities that allow students to put into practice what is being learned. 

In this way, once students have completed their language course, they would be able to travel to a country where the language they have studied is spoken and work in everyday academic and professional environments.


All skills are encompassed

Speaking and listening skills have been one of the greatest difficulties faced by students who studied with traditional language teaching methodologies. These have been heavily based on memorizing grammar and vocabulary, leaving behind oral language practice. 

However, it is essential to master speaking skills to feel confident when talking.

For this purpose, the Dexway methodology is fundamentally practical and addresses in depth all language skills: writing and reading skills, and at the same level of importance, speaking and listening skills

One cannot speak of mastery of a language if there are shortcomings in one of the four skills.


Gamification y motivation

We strongly believe that the gamification of teaching plays an important role in students’ motivation and awareness of their progress.

Students’ motivation is an engine that drives them to want to continue learning and progressing. For this reason, teachers make so many efforts to keep that driving force on track.

The gamification features included in our e-learning solutions provide help for teachers to make classes and lessons more enjoyable and for students to challenge themselves.

Progress follow-up

Can you imagine a platform that allows you to see the progress of the class and each student individually? At Dexway you will see not only students’ progress but also their dedication and interaction. All this, individually and collectively thanks to Dexway Analytics, the built-in tool that provides valuable data.

Likewise, students are given the opportunity to observe their progress and see those areas that need to be improved.

The Dexway method has been consolidated as a language teaching methodology with extensive guarantees and high reliability. If you are looking for a language teaching platform with the possibility of In-person, blended learning, flipped classroom, or an online modality, contact our team of experts. They will be able to advise you in a personalized way on which options fit your educational institution or teaching center best.


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5 Advantages of Language Learning Apps Thu, 10 Nov 2022 13:45:42 +0000 Discover the main advantages of language learning apps. Learn languages comfortably with mobile applications.

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It is difficult to find something that you cannot do with a smartphone these days. You can shop, tune a guitar or book a hotel room on the other side of the world with an easy-to-use app. Of course, there are also language learning apps which allow you to start learning a new language at the click of a button.

language learning apps

So, what are the advantages of language learning apps?

Main advantages of language learning apps


Adjust the pace and relevant content

In a language course there are people from all kinds of backgrounds, with very different aptitudes and attitudes in the class. The teacher will be able to identify the abilities of each person, but the class must follow a uniform rhythm to which it is necessary to adapt. The reality is that there will be students who end up waiting for those who move a little slower or struggling to keep up with those who progress faster.

One of the most obvious advantages of an application is that you can customize the pace of learning. It also gives the user the option to choose to follow a course structured in lessons or skip some topics and go to a specific lesson on a specific topic.


Choose where and when to learn

A second key benefit of learning a language with a smartphone is choosing where and when to learn. Nowadays, many people live their lives immersed in hectic schedules and any free moment can be good to take advantage of and learn. In addition to this, you might not have the same availability every day and so the inflexibility of traditional classes can be inconvenient. Language learning apps allow you to take advantage of your free time to learn absolutely anywhere.


Reviews of what has been learned

Our memory is programmed to forget things that we do not use regularly. To prevent quickly assimilated content from being forgotten, many apps offer constant reviews of what has been learned. These reviews are essential to ensure that all the new information will be retrieved quickly and accurately, minimizing the risk of forgetting recently acquired knowledge As they are individual lessons, the platform will be able to capture what are the most difficult concepts and review them, ensuring successful learning.


You start talking from the beginning

Language has to do with human interaction, be it written or spoken. The four usual skills (reading, listening and speaking, and writing) are interconnected, so constant practice of all of them will significantly improve the learning process. Educational plans commonly place much more emphasis on writing and not enough on speaking.

Oral expression is the most crucial aspect of communicating well in this increasingly globalized world which is why language learning platforms place a great deal of importance on this skill. These smartphone apps aim to encourage the student to learn to speak as soon as possible. Knowing the vocabulary, set phrases, and grammar helps to keep a conversation going in no time. Of course, it is difficult to become truly fluent, but basic speaking skills can be acquired in weeks or even days.


Save time and money with language learning apps

As we mentioned before, many of the traditional language schools have not evolved to meet the needs of modern society – they are stuck in the past, with rigid schedules, outdated classes and books. In addition, their cost may make them an unrealistic option for some people.

A considerable amount of money can be saved by studying with an app. The subscription price for mobile applications is much lower than studying in language centers.

As we can see, online language learning has many advantages and is much better adapted to social changes and the needs of modern users. Thanks to the extension of new technologies to all areas, including education, many people who could not have allowed themselves to expand their knowledge in languages in the analog age, can do so easily, conveniently and economically today.


Dexway, language e-learning providers

At Dexway, as specialists in blended and online language teaching, we have a wide training offer that adapts to every teaching need. As an added extra to language study, we encourage flexible learning from anywhere and at any time of the day. Dexway self-study courses are available as a turnkey solution with Dexway LMS or SCORM license for your own e-learning platform.

Find out how easy it is to take advantage of all the benefits of e-learning to meet the language training needs of your company, organization or school.


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Hiring the Dexway language teaching platform. The reason why your students will thank you for it. Thu, 27 Oct 2022 13:27:06 +0000 The Dexway language teaching platform has many benefits for students. We tell you why it is their preferred option.

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Teachers with a language teaching platform as complete as Dexway’s are perfectly aware of all the advantages it entails for their teaching activity. There are many reasons to hire an e-learning platform that facilitates educational work and combines teachers’ and educational centers’ efforts.

However, it is also important to talk about the advantages of an educational platform for students and how it helps them learn languages ​​in an effective and entertaining way, thus achieving better results in their learning.

Students learn with a language teaching platform in a classroom

What does a language e-learning platform offer students?

Whether their courses are taught in-person, online, or blended (hybrid teaching), the Dexway platform has a number of useful features for students.

Here are some of the primary benefits:


Assistance and support

The platform includes Dexway Analytics, a powerful tool that collects data on student behavior in the course and provides useful information so that teachers can guide classes optimally. Thus, individual and group progress can be known to provide the necessary assistance whenever it is needed.

This prevents students from feeling lost. As is well known, some students find it difficult to ask for help when they are having difficulties, but if the teacher has the possibility to detect these situations, students are able to be supported even when they do not express their academic concerns.


A space to test your knowledge

Our language teaching platform is designed to promote participation, interaction, and self-learning. Therefore, it is a place where students continuously practice what they have learned and the knowledge acquired in each lesson.

In this sense, it offers a safe space in which the student can practice, get answers right and make mistakes freely.


Learn languages ​​with the Dexway method

We have designed a language teaching method resulting from the experience of our team specialized in language training and Edtech.

The Dexway methodology is characterized by a learning environment that recreates realistic communicative situations in a language, to work on all the language skills that need to be developed.

In this way, students manage to perfect the necessary skills to handle different situations in real life, both personally and professionally. Likewise, they feel that what they are learning is truly useful for their lives.

On the other hand, the Dexway method is based on the foundations of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). Therefore, learners who study under this standardization of skill requirements will be preparing themselves so that in the future, whenever they wish, are able to accredit their level through the Dexway language certification.


Gamification fuels motivation

The different Dexway and CAE e-learning solutions rely on gamification to keep users motivated throughout the course. Gamification in teaching helps to make teaching units enjoyable and to learn while having fun.

In addition, fun teaching fosters a positive classroom experience that promotes memory and knowledge retention.


Being aware of progress

There is nothing better than students taking charge of their learning so that they get involved in their own progress. That is one of the main objectives of carrying out the progress tests provided by the platform.

Self-assessment helps us to be aware of progress and when it becomes evident, it keeps us motivated and fuels the desire to keep learning. On the other hand, when the result of a progress test is negative, they serve as an alarm to increase commitment and performance to overcome difficulties.

In short, for students, taking these tests works as a self-regulation system. It allows them to know how they are doing and what path to follow to get the course on track. In this regard, it promotes responsibility, an important value to instill when working with young people.


Linguistic immersion in the oral language

Probably, for many students when it comes to learning languages, the most difficult thing is speaking. It is not surprising since many factors intervene such as mental agility, pronunciation, or shyness, among others.

However, being able to speak is key to truly mastering a foreign language. Therefore, Dexway educational solutions are based on language immersion and include a variety of exercises and oral communication opportunities. Students can take advantage of conversation groups, language labs, and other activities designed to develop listening and speaking skills.



As you have seen, a language teaching platform has as many benefits for students as it does for teachers. For this reason, more and more educational centers and schools around the world decide to incorporate the Dexway platform into their educational project.

Want to know much more? Contact us and our e-learning experts team will be able to advise you in a personalized way.


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English at work: new Dexway modules Thu, 13 Oct 2022 12:50:54 +0000 The English for work modules provide meaningful contexts in order to help anybody using English at work to feel more confident.

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Dexway keeps adding modules to its English at work series, which cover some of the most common work-place situations and tasks, combining engaging listening and reading tasks with topic-specific vocabulary, the lessons offer strategies for dealing with real-life work situations in English.

English for work

New English at work modules

Digital Marketing

In this course students are introduced to the main themes around the topic of Digital Marketing.

The course begins with an introduction to the area with some key vocabulary on the topic of marketing and social media. The following units use reading and listening exercises to look at more specific aspects of  digital marketing such as:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) with the common words and expressions and a reading text with comprehension questions.
  • SEM (Social Engine Marketing), the typical vocabulary and a listening exercise with gaps.
  • Social Media and Email Marketing and their roles in modern marketing strategies.
  • Comparing marketing strategies looks at the uses of the various marketing methods available to companies.

The course ends with a comprehensive review of the vocabulary and topics in the course dealt with unit by unit in order to aid the recall and retention of the information covered.


Empowerment, Motivation and Leadership

This course looks at three different elements in business management: Empowering employees, Motivation and Leadership.

Each section has key vocabulary and expressions as well as a definition of the term and reading or listening exercises to give more information on the topic.

Using some of the main theories surrounding the three areas such as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Alderfer and the Three Needs theory, students will learn more about the theoretical aspects surrounding empowerment, motivation and leadership. Lessons use matching, gap fill and comprehension exercises to provide comprehensive practice on both the content and the language used.

Specific lessons on managing talent, responsible leadership and growth mindsets take a deeper look at different areas on these themes, with a speaking lesson to provide practice in talking about work.

The course ends with a review of all the vocabulary related to the three main areas covered, as well as providing the chance to revisit the texts and definitions in order to have a clear idea of both the content and the theories covered.


English for customer service in the catering sector

The objective of this course is to learn how to communicate with one or more interlocutors in relation to dealing with work situations in the catering sector.

The course starts with a unit covering greetings, courtesy and farewells at the restaurant. The student will learn how to deal with complaints and apologies. Using familiar situations, learners practice providing polite and appropriate service. By inferring context and using interactive exercises to confirm understanding, learners will practice listening and completing sample dialogues that consolidate the vocabulary in the topic.

Two units of the course address the topic of explaining and recommending dishes, desserts and drinks. Students will find appropriate contextual practice for each section. They will then move onto dealing with bills and payments, making reservations and managing orders.

Finally, students will learn the appropriate vocabulary and structures to give directions and communicate with their work colleagues.


Tourist information and attention

This course provides the student with sufficient expressions and vocabulary to be able to successfully manage interactions, typical of the workplace, with English-speaking visitors.

The course focuses on dealing with clients, being courteous, managing problems, bills and basic administrative duties, as well as looking at other areas that are important in the tourist sector. The lessons are based on realistic situations with listening practice and vocabulary input.

Learners continue to extend their communication skills with exercises based on taking messages and written formal and informal correspondence. The focus remains on typical situations such as: choosing a conference venue, buying or renting a vehicle, ordering in a restaurant and using public transport. There are examples as well as practical tasks in which the student will produce the target language.

There are also grammar revision exercises dealing with comparative and superlative structures, modal verbs, simple and continuous in the present and past, all set in the context of tourism and dealing with the public.


English for IT Professionals

The goal of this course is to help learners of English explore the language through the context of technology and develop a better understanding of all aspects. The contents provide students with the necessary vocabulary to understand a wide variety of situations in technological contexts: basic technological concepts, cybersecurity, programming, networks and digital marketing. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to understand the most common technological terms and expressions used in the world of work.


English for Taxi Drivers

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to understand the most common terms and expressions to help tourists when taking a taxi or help them find their way around the city, inform tourists about cafes, restaurants, museums, prices or typical food.

This course provides opportunities for the student to professionally respond to the language used in typical situations using the vocabulary to communicate in a wide range of familiar settings and provide appropriate service with courtesy, with topics such as greetings and requests, asking for and giving directions, parts of the car, payments and typical conversations in a taxi.


These purpose-built Work-related lessons have been designed to combine the latest language-learning techniques with meaningful contexts in order to help anybody using English at work to feel more confident. These lessons are an invaluable look at English at work.

If you want to receive more information about these courses, please contact us.


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What is Dexway Analytics and how does it help teachers? Thu, 29 Sep 2022 11:16:09 +0000 Dexway Analytics is a tool that offers multiple advantages for teaching activity. Useful for language teachers all over the world.

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Our language teaching platform includes the powerful Dexway Analytics tool. Today, it is one of the most valuable features for teachers who use it regularly. The data teachers obtain from the tool helps them get the most out of their classes, helping to improve their teaching inside and outside the classroom.

Let us see what this is all about.


What is Dexway Analytics?

It is an analytics tool, within the Dexway LMS platform, that collects student data. Its enhanced features allow teachers to see how students perform and how they progress throughout the course, whether the classes are face-to-face, online, or hybrid (blended learning).


How does Dexway Analytics work on the language e-learning platform?

Dexway’s analytics tool is very comprehensive. It allows not only to see the global progress of all the students (both, students enrolled in a course and a specific group), but also to obtain specific information on each of the lessons.

Teacher with his students using the Dexway method in a language classroom

Follow-up of the group’s overall performance

First of all, when using the platform, teachers have the possibility to see their students’ progress. In this way, the average grade obtained by the class in each of the lessons or exercises is shown.

You can also see how many students have completed the lesson. This allows you to check students’ pace and how long it takes them to complete the learning units.

On the other hand, if it is observed that the average grade is lower in one of the course lessons, the teacher has the opportunity to take corrective measures in time. For instance, suggesting additional exercises to reinforce that knowledge. Or, it is also useful to detect if it is a specific student who is having difficulties with the subject and the reason why the average grade of the class has dropped.


Track the progress of each student

Besides, the educator can break down the information and see how each student progresses individually. For instance, what lessons they have completed, the grades obtained in each lesson, and other parameters that allow their performance to be assessed in all stages of learning and in the different language skills.

Furthermore, by clicking on each student, you can see a detailed breakdown with data about that student, ranging from the most general to the most specific.


Result analysis by objectives

For teachers who prefer to organize their assessment by objectives to be achieved, instead of by lessons, they have the possibility of filtering by this criterion. Thus, it is seen how students perform in each of the objectives established to be achieved in the language course.

Dexway Analytics tool

In this option, it is also possible to break down students’ information individually to analyze each case in detail.


Advantages of Dexway Analytics for Language Teachers

If you have come this far, you have clearly seen the applications that the Dexway Analytics tool has for a language teacher’s daily life. As you may have noticed, it brings interesting advantages to teaching.

Let’s break down some of them:


Anticipate language learning difficulties

When students show difficulties or students that have misunderstood concepts are spotted early, the situation can be fixed quickly.

Prevent gaps in learning

Anticipation helps to ensure that students do not lose the pace of the class and thus avoid a very common issue: gaps in language learning. The fact that teachers see students’ progress in real-time, facilitates the students’ educational support at all times.

Greater control over course follow-up

Thanks to the Dexway e-learning software, the teaching professional gains great control over the development and progress of the course in a detailed way. In this way, when teaching classes, the stress caused by the uncertainty of not knowing at all times the learners’ abilities is reduced.

Students support

Students perceive that their teacher knows their difficulties and provides the necessary means to overcome them. This results in better communication between the teaching team and the students, and of course, in a high level of commitment.

Time saving

Even when there is no LMS software available, teachers always try to analyze students’ progress with other less efficient manual methods. So imagine the time that can be saved when a tool does this automatically for you and you only have to review the data to decide as a professional what the best measures are in each case.


To take advantage of all the benefits offered by the Dexway method, regarding face-to-face, online or hybrid courses, contact us through the contact form, phone, or email. Our experts will guide you step by step in the implementation of the e-learning software in your institution or school.



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Dexway is an ally for teachers: the complete e-learning tool for educators Fri, 16 Sep 2022 07:57:30 +0000 Dexway is the e-learning tool that every single teacher needs. The perfect partner in language teaching. Discover why.

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Have you thought about how an e-learning tool can help you in the classroom and out of it? If you do not work with an educational platform for your language courses yet, you might have been missing all its advantages and how this platform can be a key ally when teaching.

In this post, we want to share how you can make the most of this experience so your teaching practices can be more flexible and your students can take advantage of this as well. Would you like to join us?

A language teaching platform to ease the life of teachers

If you are new around here, and you do not know Dexway yet, we can assure you that once you start discovering Dexway LMS learning platform, you will be more likely to try it in your classes.

Teacher explaining a lesson with an e-learning tool

In the development of our teaching platform, we have thought not just about educators but students as well. It is well known that to a large extent; the success students have with the e-learning tool depends on their experience using it. Therefore, this one is designed to be attractive and intuitive.


Preparing the class in less time

Most teachers, complain about the number of hours they have to spend preparing their courses. This has been a real headache for tutors around the world. That is why teachers feel thankful when the Dexway features help them reduce significantly the time spent on such task. Moreover, as the teaching platform is compatible with SCORM, it is possible to import and export the courses that are already created.

That way, you could spend more time on other tasks that provide more value to your courses and in your learning centers either online or in person.


Keeping students motivated: an easier task now

Teachers wish to keep their students motivated and attentive throughout the course. However, this is sometimes complicated. During the course, some students start losing interest due to factors such as exhaustion or monotony.

In order to avoid this, the Dexway platform offers different resources to make the contents more interactive and also has group dynamics, including educational gamification to promote self-learning and to improve motivation.


Advantages of E-learning platforms for in-person courses.

Although the word e-learning makes us think of distance education, the truth is that the Dexway’s language education platform is suitable for blended and face-to-face learning.

Thus, in a face-to-face classroom, it is possible to take advantage of an e-learning language platform. Likewise, flipped classroom is also an option. Thanks to this modality, students work with the theoretical content at home and during the classes, they put into practice what they have learned, with the support and guidance of the teacher.

So, in short, this is about using interactive learning strategies that encourage participation and conversation, helping the student to develop all the linguistic competences.


Follow up on the student’s progress in a personalized way

For teachers to know the development and performance of each student, two main features provide important information:

  • User performance: First of all, the platform provides information on each student through Dexway Analytics. With this tool, teachers can see the student’s connectivity, which exercises they have made, the results obtained, and the evolution in each lesson. Thanks to this, it is possible to detect which activities present the greatest difficulty for the students to work on them in greater depth.
  • Progress tests: On the other hand, it is possible to evaluate students at the end of each lesson. This is to be sure they have correctly understood all the knowledge objectives and no student is left behind. The progress tests are fundamental for the students to be conscious of their progress, something that motivates and makes them aware of their improvement needs. In this way, we can avoid gaps in language learning which are very frequent in non-interactive methodologies.


Supervise exams online:

For training centers that need to carry out remote exams safely, the system online proctoring is essential to offer reliable and anti-fraud results. Software controls and platform anti-copying protocols make cheating impossible in exams

Do you want to know much more about the e-learning tools contained in the Dexway language educational platform? Contact us so that our advisors, together with our pedagogical department, can help you design your customized solution so that you can achieve your academic goals.


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Progress tests in learning languages: why are they important and how to use them? Thu, 04 Aug 2022 11:05:30 +0000 Progress tests are key to guarantee success in language learning. Therefore, more and more teachers use them.

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Progress tests are important in virtually every discipline in which students go through a learning process and experience an evolution as they carry out their training. However, progress tests are fundamental in language teaching when it comes to accompanying students in their constant improvement. Therefore, when teaching foreign languages, these tests are considered essential for the proper functioning of the course.

Continuous assessment is one of the keys to success in language learning, and it has progressively gained more and more importance in all areas of education. In order to guarantee that students have achieved the objectives at the end of the course, and that they have performed well, it is vital to assess their development and measure their communication skills in all areas (listening, reading, and written and oral expression).


What is the purpose of progress tests in language teaching?

The progress tests are useful to meet the objectives of each lesson. In other words, evaluating students at the end of a didactic unit ensures that they manage to internalize the linguistic competences that are expected at each language level.

The goal is for all students to follow the pace of the course so that by the end of it students have acquired the required knowledge. In this way, quality teaching and optimal results for the entire group can be guaranteed. Hence its importance in avoiding gaps in language learning.

Students take a progress test in the classroom through an e-learning platform

How do the Dexway progress tests work?

In the Dexway method, progress tests are presented as unit tests that assess the knowledge acquired in each unit. In this way, the teacher sees how students advance without having to wait for the final exam. This helps to meet students and educators’ expectations.

One or more objectives are assigned to each exercise within the test. Thus, when students take one of these tests, in addition to obtaining an overall grade, they can see if they have achieved all the objectives. If any need to be reinforced, they are listed as not achieved. Additionally, the grade is shown by skills (grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, etc).

Likewise, students can also choose if they want to repeat the test to outdo themselves a second time, or if they prefer, see the answers with the solutions.


A self-assessment tool in learning a second language

Not only teachers benefit from its effectiveness,  progress tests are also useful for students. Students are aware of their advance and how they are improving thanks to the language evaluating progress. This helps them gain confidence in themselves and their ability to communicate in another language.

Moreover, they can detect their shortcomings or difficulties more easily in order to pay attention to everything they need to improve or study further.

On the other hand, being aware of their progress helps them get motivated and set personal goals.


The language teaching e-learning platform as a solution for continuous assessment

Dexway’s e-learning solutions include educational technology that offers the possibility of evaluating each of the skills involved in learning a language. Thanks to its features, teachers can measure all students’ language skills.

The Dexway software is designed in such a way that not only is it possible to carry out a detailed follow-up of each student, but through gamification students’ interaction is sought so that they remain motivated and active with the content.

The language platform is available for various learning methods: online teaching, blended learning, flipped classroom, and language laboratory.


Advantages of assessing student progress aided by an educational platform

Apart from the advantages of taking a progress test in language learning, taking it using an e-learning platform has additional benefits:

  • LMS platform tools allow evaluations to be carried out quickly and automatically.
  • The corrections are made automatically and the results are recorded. The teacher should not spend time in correcting exercises individually.
  • Students feel that they undergo an educational training that cares about their individual progress and that it is also carried out in an agile way.
  • It helps that no student misses the pace of the class.
  • These tools provide valuable information which will help the teacher to support students with difficulties or to complement the course.
  • They can serve as a scoring continuous assessment without involving extra work for the teacher.
  • Students can assess their level before the final exam and work on the weakest areas to improve their overall grade.


Do you need to know more about language learning progress tests? If so, or if you just want to learn more about Dexway or CAE solutions, contact us. One of our consultants will advise you to offer a personalized response to your educational center or school.


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Tips for choosing an e-learning language platform Thu, 21 Jul 2022 07:43:01 +0000 Thinking about choosing a language e-learning platform? We tell you some recommendations to make the best investment with success.

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Although teachers are clear that LMS has emerged to assist them as it is a helpful tool for teaching, some doubts arise when choosing an e-learning language platform.

It is quite normal since as people in charge of a course or school, one of the main objectives when hiring an educational platform is to make the right choice so that the investment has been worthwhile.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to offer you a guide so that you can analyze which is the most convenient e-learning solution for you.

Teacher teaches language course with e-learning platform

Recommendations to select the e-learning language platform that your educational center needs

Surely you have wondered what an LMS platform should have to be complete and to meet the requirements of current education. The options can be varied, therefore, it is essential to have clear concepts and ideas.

These are the main tips for choosing an e-learning platform for your language courses:

Analyze the needs

Before going to find out the features of each e-learning solution, the first step is to analyze the characteristics of your school, your students, and your courses. This will help you determine in a concrete way what the real needs are and what kind of solutions are those that fit with the educational project.



The learning environment of the platform must be easy to use and intuitive. This aspect is key so that the experience of students and teachers is optimal. No one wants to work with a cumbersome or poorly designed tool.

On the other hand, it must be responsive to be sure that it works correctly when used on all types of devices.


SCORM compatibility

You are probably already familiar with how SCORM works and its benefits. If the chosen platform is compatible with this e-learning standard, you will be able to make the most of its benefits.


Quality and reliability assurance

When choosing a reliable LMS platform provider, it is essential that you value their track record and experience. For example, it is good to give consideration to the age of the supplier company and what its global services are.

This gives us information that reveals the reliability of an e-learning software company and its responsiveness and innovation.


Face-to-face, online or hybrid mode

Whether the courses are taught face-to-face, online, or in a blended learning mode (hybrid), it is advisable to select an e-learning solution provider that offers educational platforms for all three teaching possibilities.


State-of-the-art tool in technological development

The e-learning sector is constantly evolving. That’s why it’s vitally important that you choose an innovative language teaching platform that incorporates the latest in e-learning technology.


Quality service and closeness

Offering technological tools is not at odds with offering human service. At some stage, it might be that you have been helpless at not being able to solve a doubt with a digital tool because there is no one to turn to. This has happened to all of us at some point when a service has no support.

For this reason, we believe that it is essential to hire an e-learning platform in which there are people behind the tool who are available to answer questions and accompany you throughout the implementation process.


Online Proctoring

Do you need to assess your students online? In that case, you need an e-learning solution that incorporates an online proctoring system to be able to take exams with the same guarantees as face-to-face tests.


Tailor-made classes

An educational platform must be able to adapt to its courses and methodology. When comparing tools, take a look at how your courses are structured and organized. This will help you see how easy it is to prepare your syllabi and how you would use them with your students.

In short, the functionality of the platform and how it meets everyday needs, are decisive in choosing one or the other.



The benefits of gamification in learning are already well known. If you already know them, you probably want the language learning tool to be designed with a playful approach.

At Dexway, we develop e-learning solutions that incorporate gamification from the core.


Monitoring students’ progress

If you are interested in tracking how students are doing in the subject, you should choose a platform that collects data on how students use it and their behavior in it. Besides, a platform that enables assessment after each lesson. These features are helpful, among other things, to avoid gaps when learning languages.


Language skills

For a language teaching platform to be useful, it must provide activities and tools that allow students to work on all language skills at an oral and written level in an immersive way.


Now that you know more about choosing an e-learning language platform, we suggest you to check out our different solutions. At Dexway and CAE, we have been developing e-learning solutions for educational institutions around the world for more than 40 years. Our team stands out for its innovative spirit and its desire to contribute to the educational community with its experience. Contact us and you will get personalized advice from one of our experienced consultants.


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Why do gaps occur when learning languages? How can we avoid them? Thu, 07 Jul 2022 10:14:41 +0000 Avoiding gaps when learning languages is one of the concerns of study centers around the world. We explain how to avoid them.

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In language teaching, teachers have to face different challenges. When it comes to learning languages, students may have gaps in their knowledge hindering their development and improvement in the proficiency of the foreign languages ​​they study.

Below, we include why these gaps occur, what tools can be used to identify them and how they can be avoided or mitigated to help students in their learning progress.


Causes of gaps in language learning

Although there are several reasons that can explain why there are students who, despite studying a second language for several years, do not retain basic things, forget knowledge already acquired, or make the same mistake over and over, there are some common factors that are often observed in students and that, sometimes, are at the root of the problem:

Lack of Personal Motivation

Sometimes, students feel that certain subjects are only an obligation, therefore they do not enjoy the classes and do not think they are interested in them other than to achieve a passing grade.


A methodology based on grammar only

It is common to see methodologies in language teaching that are based mainly on the study and memorization of grammar. These types of classes are usually not very fun for students and they are prone to forget what was learned in previous courses.


Lack of practice to test knowledge

When lessons do not have a practical component, students may feel that it is of no use to them. On the other hand, practice helps retain and strengthen knowledge.


Very few moments of conversation in the language

It is likely that you have met people who have a good ability to understand and express themselves in written English, but who do not perform well in a conversation or have serious problems in expressing themselves in speaking the language.

This is not surprising, since many of the traditional language courses do not include enough speaking activities that help students acquire the necessary fluency to be able to speak a language with confidence.

Teacher teaches languages in blended mode in a class with computers

Identifying knowledge gaps in language learning

Identifying what the weaknesses are is key to encouraging students to continue making progress. One of the biggest concerns in education is discovering which areas students have difficulties in, whether it is listening comprehension and speaking, or in aspects of writing or reading comprehension.

The Dexway language educational platform offers teaching tools that allow students to assess their knowledge and identify their gaps. Both, at the beginning of the course and before starting a new lesson. Thus, it is positive to carry out tests to guarantee that everyone advances having acquired the required skills.

Thanks to the identification of knowledge gaps, teachers can design activities aimed at improving students’ weaknesses. In this way, teachers may detect that their group of students has some common gaps to work together, for instance, gaps in grammar, vocabulary, or lack of concept retention that only affect some students that can be addressed individually.

Avoid knowledge gaps in language learning

Dexway’s language e-learning software is designed to facilitate teaching where students go through lessons without gaps. In fact, it is known that when a student learns a language without gaps, they master it at a theoretical and practical level.

Our LMS platform includes functionalities designed to enhance the teaching activity. Let’s see how it helps to avoid the causes of knowledge gap in students:


Self-study to internalize what has been learned

The structure of the lessons within the platform is designed to seek interactivity. Linguistic immersion is produced through natural and constant progress motivated by the students themselves.

Courses and lessons are intuitive. The objective is that students themselves are the engine of their progress in the language.


You learn to speak a language by speaking

The Dexway method encourages activities where the overriding factor is speaking. The tool itself includes comprehension and speaking exercises. In addition, there are conversation groups between students, where students can talk to each other every day at any time.


Gamification fosters motivation in the classroom

There are many benefits of gamification in learning. One of the most outstanding refers to student motivation. The playful nature of Dexway’s e-learning solutions helps students stay engaged in class.


Knowledge consolidation through practice to gain confidence

Of course, grammar is essential, if students do not strengthen it, it is difficult for them to make progress in writing and speaking. For this reason, with the Dexway methodology, students advance by putting theory into practice through different activities that range from exercises to practice vocabulary, to dialogues or association of images.

On the other hand, the courses are divided into different units: construction of knowledge, reinforcement, and consolidation. These lessons are presented in many different ways with multimedia material for the student to acquire the skills and knowledge in an entertaining way.


A methodology designed so that no one falls behind

The tool incorporates test exercises at the end of each lesson so that both, the student and the teacher make sure that the necessary concepts have been acquired and that they advance to the next topic without any gaps.

The Dexway Method is based on a trial and error structure developed by language learning specialists.

The purpose is to learn in the same way that a native speaker does, through association, repetition, and contextualization.


Languages ​​used in real life

It is important for students to see that what they learn will be useful in real life. To this end, the Dexway method is based on the participation of students in contexts that recreate communication in real situations.

Through the lessons and activities, communication skills and abilities to function not only in general but also in professional situations are covered.


As we have seen, avoiding gaps is one of the common concerns of schools when teaching a language. It is important that teachers help students to consolidate what they have learned and that they can provide an environment that allows a pleasant linguistic immersion.

At Dexway we have been developing e-learning solutions specialized in languages ​​for more than 40 years. If you want to know much more about our tools, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be able to advise you so that you can select the solution that best suits your educational institution.

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English for IT, why is it important in language teaching? Thu, 16 Jun 2022 13:48:18 +0000 The demand for technological English training is increasing. Students seek to adapt their CVs to the competitive and international workplace.

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Regardless of students’ language level, English for IT knowledge has become an increasingly frequent requirement in the academic and professional fields, thus it has turned out to be essential in a resume today.

It is no longer enough to demonstrate strong oral and written skills, but, in addition, candidates must acquire the technological English vocabulary that the workplace requires. This is the only way candidates ensure professional success in competitive and international companies.


Why is it important to offer English for IT training?

Educational institutions and language schools must be able to provide technological English training to attract students who seek to enhance their work skills.

Currently, technological students and professionals know that it is necessary to have a strong English language proficiency level in whatever field they work in so that they enrich and improve their professional careers.

In fact, the demand for technological English courses is growing. Hence, at Dexway, we have designed targeted training to provide English courses tailored to your students’ needs.

A woman speaks during a team meeting in a company office

Who are the English for IT courses for?

Users of these courses are mainly university students who are undertaking technology studies. Therefore, a wide range of disciplines that employ computer terminology in the profession are included.

Of course, technology professionals also need to learn and improve their language skills.

Companies are constantly asking their employees not only to speak English but also to have a high-level understanding of technical English to be able to hold meetings with clients and partners from all over the world.

For instance, technical English is widely used in business consulting, banks, software or technology solutions companies, architecture or engineering studios, as well as in marketing agencies.


English for IT Professionals: the course your students need

At Dexway, we have the English for IT Professionals course so that you can offer your students the best English teaching for technology professionals at your institution or company.

The objective of this language training for the technology field is to help students explore the language through the context of technology and prepare them for the professional world. The student acquires the vocabulary and necessary language skills to successfully understand oral and written messages in English used in the field of technology.

The course has a practical and functional orientation since it is based on learning specific vocabulary dealing with phrases that show its use in context. This methodology gives students valuable experience that can be easily applied to their working life.

The program consists of five didactic units that cover vocabulary related to IT, cybersecurity, programming, networks, and digital marketing. Through the lessons, stimulating and interactive exercises are presented that facilitate the understanding and learning of the contents.

At the end of each topic, students must take a test to consolidate the knowledge they have acquired. In this way, students ensure that they have learned the essential vocabulary and teachers can also measure the results and progress on an ongoing basis.

Thanks to the English for IT course, students acquire knowledge that allows them to write and speak more fluently about technology. It’s astounding how many words can be learned in a single Dexway lesson.


The advantages of a virtual classroom

Imagine if you could teach technological English with the support of an online training platform specialized in languages? We provide you with our expertise in e-learning so that you can take advantage of all the benefits a virtual classroom can offer you.

You will be able to offer students the courses they need, guided and tutored by your teaching support, but with all the facilities of having an educational platform. In addition, at Dexway, there are 4 language teaching methods so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • Online language courses: all training is done online with the latest e-learning technology.
  • Blended learning method: combines face-to-face and online teaching. It is the preferred method for many language schools.
  • Flipped classroom: model in which students watch online content at home and face-to-face classes are dedicated to answering questions and applying the knowledge acquired outside the classroom.
  • Language laboratory: online classrooms in face-to-face and interactive mode for a complete linguistic immersion.

The different types of English courses help train students by making educational resources and tools available for their classes.

The English for IT Professionals course is available in British and American English. To learn more about the course for your institution or company, you can contact us. We will advise you on the e-learning solutions that best suit your needs.


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