What is Dexway?
  • Dexway is the online language learning method that has improved the language skills of more than 2 million students worldwide. Our online language school offers the most advanced online English course that will help you learn and perfect your language skills steadily.
Why should you choose Dexway?
  • Dexway does not have a magic potion to learn languages but, we do offer a learning method with all the guarantees and backing of millions of students that have already learnt with us. You won’t find another online English course with such academic depth and rigor. Put us to the test! If you are not convinced in 15 days, we will give you back your money.
Which languages can I study?
  • Our online language school offers English courses up to level C1 in accordance with the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR).
Courses and levels
When does the course start?
  • You start your course whenever you want. You just need to sign up, and the course will be active for 6 months. In other words, from the day you sign up until the same day 6 months later. Once you sign up you will receive your access information by email in order to begin your course.
How many levels does the course have?
  • The course has 10 levels that are aligned with the standards set forth by the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR), from A1 to C1.  Each level in turn is aligned with the most prestigious level certifications, which makes students feel self-assured when taking these exams. Check here our LEVEL EQUIVALENCE TABLE.Don’t worry if you do not know your level.  We will give you a comprehensive test and after that, we will recommend the most appropriate level for you.  If you have never studied English before, you must begin with level A1-I.


How do I choose my level?
  • After you enroll in the course we will give you a comprehensive level test and after that, we will recommend which level is the most appropriate for you. If necessary, and without any additional cost, you will be able to change your level during the first month of the course.
Can I do the course even if I haven’t studied English before?
  • Anyone can do the Dexway courses. You do not need any previous knowledge of English. If you have no previous English experience, you will need to begin with level A1-I.
How many levels can I access?
  • You will have acces to all the levels you can pass during your 6 month subscription. After the enrollment, you will complete a placement test and we will advise you on which level is most appropriate for you.  If you prefer, you can also select a different level from the recommended one.  Furthermore, you will have one month from the day of your enrollment to change your course level, even if you have begun your course. After finsishing each level, the next level will made available.
Can I change the level after the course has begun?
  • You can change your level after you have begun the course without any additional charge. You have one month from the time that you enroll in order to do this.

Course length

How long does the course last?
  • The enrollment to the course lasts for 6 monthsso that you can learn English at your own pace and do the activities as many times as you like. Throughout the duration of the course you will be able to complete as many levels as you desire. At the end of each level, the next level will be available to you.
How much time do I need to finish my course?
  • Our students spend between 70 to 90 hours per level doing their course. However, the Dexway method is completely adaptable to the student’s learning styles and that’s why we include a study planner. In the study planner you will be able to mark the days in which you would like to study and the number of lessons you want to do. The system will suggest a study plan that you can follow or change at any time. It will always keep you updated with your progress. You will be able to study the course for 6 months.
Can I leave lessons without finishing and continue at a later time?
  • Of course, your will be able to leave your lessons at any moment and continue at a later time, as well as repeat lessons as many times as you like.
How long does the course last?
  • You have 6 months available to finish your course, starting from the moment you sign up.

What does include?

What does the course include?
  • You can find out about all the course characteristics in the COURSE section and learn about their features in the PRICE section.
Are there teachers available to help students?
  • There are online tutors available who will guide you throughout the learning process from the first day and who will answer all your doubts or queries quickly. Moreover, you will be able to practice your speaking skills with our native teachers in our live conversation sessions.
Does the course include conversation classes with native speakers?
  • Yes. Each one of the 10 levels of the Dexway English course includes 8 live conversation classes with a native-speaking teacher by videoconference. Your conversation classes are available in multiple schedules and their topics are varied. The classes last 30 minutes and 2 – 6 students can participate.
Will I be able to practice conversation with other students?
  • Yes. In our conversation classrooms you will be able to talk live as many times as you want and for an unlimited amount of time with other Dexway students from all over the world.
When I finish the course, will I receive a certificate?
  • Once the course has been completed, you will receive a Dexway certificate that accredits the level you have achieved. Thousands of businesses, public administrations and educational institutions from all over the world have trusted us with their language training and recognize the prestige of the Dexway certificate. Furthermore, once you finish your Dexway level, you will be prepared to pass any international certification exam equivalent to the level you have studied with us.
Will I be prepared to pass official certification exams?
  • Dexway will help you achieve the level you need to pass the most recognized certificate qualifications: English Cambridge, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, the Official Spanish School of Languages, etc. Throughout the course you will continually be completing evaluation tests which specifically prepare you for the certification exams.


How much does the course cost?
  • You can find the price and means of payment in the following link: PRICE.
What forms of payment are available?
  • The course is paid with credit card. You can use VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Your purchase will be completely secure and your information will be completely protected.  Our secure server with certified SSL DigiCert encrypts all of the personal information that you provide (name, address, credit card information, etc.) in order to process your enrollment with the maximum guarantee.
Can I pay in installments the amount of the course?
  • You can pay the amount of the course in six monthly payments. You should select this option in the enrollment form, accepting that we will carry out monthly charges to your credit card during this period.  If you accept this form of payment, we will not apply promotional discounts to your payments that may become available during the said time period.
Can I receive a refund after the course has begun?
  • You will have fifteen days from the moment of your enrollment to cancel your course. We will return the payment you made when you signed up.
Can I buy the course from anywhere in the world?
  • Of course, our payment system is prepared for you to pay your subscription from anywhere in the world.  All you need is a valid credit card.

Login and technical requirements

I'm a former student; can I enroll myself with my previous access code?
  • Yes. All you need to do is register yourself with your Dexway username and password in the section ¨Registered users¨ on the enrollment page.
Can I transfer my subscription to someone else?
  • The subscription is not transferrable. Your access keys are personal and non-transferable.
I am having difficulties to complete the online purchase process, what can I do?
  • 1. Check if your page is being blocked by the cookies.2.Make sure that the personal information introduced into the form (cardholder name) corresponds to that found on the credit card you are using.3. Check that you are using the correct security code found on the back of your credit card (last 3 digits) and check the card expiration date.4. If you have other queries about the payment process, you can contact us at payments@dexway.com.5. For any other technical problem, you can contact us at support@dexway.com
What are the minimum technical requirements?
  • To be able to do your course you only need a computer or mobile device (tablet or smartphone), a headset with microphone, a webcam (optional) and an internet connection.Dexway is completely compatible with all modern operating systems for PC (Windows XP or higher) and Mac (Mac OS X 10.5 or higher).The course does not require any previous installation. You will only need an internet connection and a web browser: Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. You will also be able to access through our specific Apps for Tablets (iPad, Android, Windows 8.1) and Smartphones (iPhone and Android).Any broadband connection is sufficient. In the case of slow connections or interrupted or weak coverage, you will be able to access the course in application mode in order to obtain better performance.  You will also be able to download the lessons with the Apps for Tablets (iPad, Android, and Windows 8.1) and Smartphones (iPhone and Android) and thus be able access them without an internet connection.
Can I do the course from a Tablet or Smartphone?
  • Of course. You can download the Dexway Apps for Tablets (iPad, Android, Windows 8.1) and Smartphones (iPhone and Android) and even do the course without an internet connection.  Also, you will be able to access the course from the web browser on any Tablet or Smartphone as the course is designed to adapt to the size of any device, adapting the dimensions of the content and showing the elements optimized and in an orderly way.
How can I contact Dexway?
  • Depending on your inquiry, contact us using one of the following procedures:To request informationComplete our contact form here or send an email to info@dexway.comFor inquiries about the purchasing processSend an email to payments@dexway.comFor technical inquiriesSend an email to support@dexway.com

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