Esta semana aprenderemos vocabulario específico médico para aumentar nuestro vocabulario en inglés. Aquí os dejamos una lista con vocabulario específico en inglés de oftalmología y frases de ejemplo para que sea más fácil memorizar estas palabras en inglés.

  • Astigmatism. An irregular curvature on the surface of the cornea.  Someone with astigmatism may have an eye shaped more oblong than round.
  • Cataract. A progressive clouding of the eye lens. Cataract removal surgery is an easy operation nowadays.
  • Conjunctivitis. Inflammation of the outer, clear tissue covering the white part of the eyeball. Referred to as pink eye. My ophthomologist told me I have conjunctivitis and gave me eye drops totreat it.
  • Cornea. The transparent layer on the front of the eye. I scratched the cornea of my eye when sand blew into it.
  • Depth perception. The ability to see how far away an object is or how much space is between things. Spatial relationships of objects. Depth perception plays an important role in seeing the world and understanding the spaces between people or objects.
  • Diplopia. Seeing of one object as two, due to uneven tracking of the eyes. Commonly known as double vision. After bumping my head in the car accident,  I was diagnosed with diplopia.
  • Edema. Swelling. I had a lot of edema around my eyes after the surgery.
  • Eye infection. An infection of the eye lid, eye ball or other areas around the eye that produces pus or liquid. Swelling, redness and irritation are symptoms. I have had an eye infection for two weeks, it doesn’t seem to be any better.