Pronunciation is key when learning a new language, as it allows us to communicate better. Dexway integrates the most complete and reliable pronunciation evaluation system on the market.

  1. Its voice recognition software analyses the pronunciation of the student, automatically corrects it, and suggests how to improve it.
  2. Your tutors personally and directly listen to the voice of the student in their free expression dialogues and make appropriate suggestions, thus guaranteeing the best evaluation of oral expression.
  3. Thanks to constant updates, it has achieved the most precise voice recognition on the market.


With the Dexway method language learning is much easier and more effective thanks to the linguistic immersion that it provides. The individual learns the language by speaking like a native and training at their own pace from 0 to 100% of the material.

Good voice recognition is therefore essential to help to perfect the student’s pronunciation until they have achieved perfect diction in the desired language. Clear pronunciation of words is achieved when others can hear and distinguish everything that we say. With e-learning it is essential for the personal progress of each of the students that the voice recognition software corrects what it must so that the student learns clear pronunciation like a native. In this way, we ensure that students learn the language correctly.

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