Dexway English Magazine: A1 – Edition 5

The Ancient Mayans

One of the greatest and most well-known ancient civilizations was the ancient Mayans. The Mayans lived in Central America before the arrival of the Spanish.

The high point of Mayan Civilization was around 250 A.D. to 900 A.D., however they continued on until around 1400 A.D. The Mayans lived in many areas, what is today Mexico and Guatemala. The Mayans had many important cities such as Tikal, Palenque, Uxmal, and Chichen-Itza. Most of these cities are located in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Mayans were great architects and built many pyramids. The Mayans were considered to be technologically advanced in many ways. They made great strides in Mathematics and astronomy, and had developed the concept of zero along to other ancient civilizations. They were able to observe objects in space such as the moon and stars. The Mayans also made a calendar and had writing system. The Mayans were greatly involved in agriculture and used many advanced technologies for farming.

They eventually died out and, by the time the Europeans came to the Americas, there were not many left. However, their many pyramids and other creations were left behind. Many of the Mayan sites can still be visited today. We also have a lot of the Mayan accomplishments to see such as their advances in astronomy. The Mayan language is also still used today by some people in Mexico. The Mayans were a very interesting civilization.

Colours of the Rainbow


 Colours are a very important part of our lives. We see colours everywhere and colours can make us happy, sad or angry. This month, I would like to talk about the colour Yellow.

Yellow is a happy colour; it is a good colour to see when you are studying. We can paint our rooms yellow to have better dreams. It can give us confidence. Since it is a bold colour, it could also, potentially, make us angry. When we look at the colour yellow, we see that it is very bright. Work clothes and traffic signals are coloured yellow. Yellow is the colour of the sun, of sand, and of food like chips and omelettes.



Yellow is lemons, so sour but so sweet.
Yellow is M&M’s melting while you eat.
Yellow is a light that brightens up a fight.
Yellow is a construction vest, so good but so tight.
Yellow is a starfruit that looks like a kite.
Yellow is daises on a bright summer day.
Yellow is the late ticket that I received in May.
Yellow is McDonald’s–it really makes your day.
Yellow is the lightning that arrives with grey clouds.
Yellow is the mustard squeezed on hot dogs.

By Peypa

The Great Wall of China


The Great Wall is the biggest object ever made by humans. It is about 6,000 (six thousand) kilometres and goes over mountains, deserts, and grasslands. It was made to keep out invaders from the west but now it is a major tourist attraction of China. Small walls were made in 600 B.C. (six hundred). It was completely done in the 17th (seventeenth) century. The wall is made of dirt, mud, stone and brick. It is 5-9 (five to nine) metres tall and up to 8 (eight) metres wide.

Over time, parts of the wall have been damaged by war, weather and earthquakes. The government has also taken down some parts to build roads and, in Western China, the wall is covered by sand. Almost half of the wall has been destroyed. Only 30% (thirty percent) is still good. It is now a World Heritage Site and a symbol of China. About 6 (six) million tourists visit it every year. Many temples have been built on the wall to worship the War God Guandi.

Ferris wheels


A Ferris wheel is a big circle shaped structure made of steel. There are passenger cabins connected to it for people to sit in. It takes people high up into the air. It can also be called an observation wheel. The first one was designed and made by an American named George Ferris. He was a bridge builder and made it for the Chicago Exposition in 1893. His wheel was able to take 2000 (two thousand) people. It was more than 80 metres high and had two steam engines.

Today, you will see Ferris wheels in most cities at theme parks or local fairs and carnivals. The world´s biggest will be in Dubai. It will be finished in 2015. It will be even bigger than the London Eye. It will be 210 metres tall. It will be part of a theme park and shopping centre.

Colours of the rainbow


Colours are very important in our lives. We see colour everywhere and colours can make us happy or sad or angry. This month I would like to talk about the colour orange.

Orange is a warm colour, full of health and happiness. A colour to paint our room when you’re feeling sad or you could try an orange pen to brighten your day. Juice and jelly are made of orange.

Orange is the colour of risk. Orange people never stop and like to talk and be talked, too! Orange cakes and orange juice. Orange is not good if you’re losing weight.

“What is Orange?
 Orange is a tiger lily,
 A carrot. A feather 
from A parrot,

A flame.
The wildest colour in a sunset 
that shocks the sky.

Orange is brave.
Orange is bold It’s bittersweet
and marigold.

Orange is zip.
 Orange is dash”.

 By Mary O´Neil

The Tower of London


 It is an old castle by the Thames River in London. The official name is Her Majesty´s Royal Palace and Fortress The Tower of London, but everyone calls it the “Tower of London”. In the middle of the tower you can find the most famous part, The White Tower.

It was built in 1078 (ten seventy eight) by King William the Conqueror. Other kings have added more towers over history. It has been used as a prison, home for monarchy, a records office, a zoo, the Royal Mint (to make coins), and an armoury. In the 1300s (thirteen hundreds), it became home to the Crown Jewels, money and gold bars were kept here because it was the safest place in the city.

Two main attractions for tourists are the Beefeaters (guards in red and gold clothing with black hats) and all of the ravens (black birds) that are said to be a symbol of the British monarchy.

Several ghosts are said to haunt the Tower. The oldest military ceremony happens every night at the tower at 9:53pm. They lock the Tower of London every night with “Queen Elizabeth´s keys”. It has been a tradition for hundreds of years.