Dexway English Magazine: A1 – Edition 3

Pop music in a Classical setting

A recent music concert was given for a group of Turkish basketball players. Most of the players thought classical music would be very boring and not fun. Many of the players were tired and some even fell asleep.

The musicians had a surprise for the players, though! At one point, during the concert, the orchestra began to play a famous Turkish pop song! The basketball players were very surprised and excited. They thought that popular music would not be played in an orchestra concert. Many people began to sing along to the famous song. Other people stood up and began to cheer to the song they recognized.

Many people will think that popular music is very different from classical music. Some believe that the classical music style is only for older people or wealthy people that will attend the opera and symphony.

(Opera = usually a drama with many songs used to tell the story. Symphony = usually a large orchestra with strings, piano, brass, woodwinds, and percussion).

Sometimes, popular music is thought to be only for the young listener. This symphonic group showed the audience that it is possible to mix many different styles of music. It is not always necessary to keep one style of music separate from another.

An example of a modern opera would be called a “musical.”

A musical has many of the same things as an opera, but with more modern clothing and singing styles. Musicals are very popular in places with large theatres, like New York City. Perhaps, there will be more combinations of “old” and “new” styles as time moves on.

The good musicians know how to keep the attention of the audience. They will probably have more people attend their concerts in the future. Many orchestra groups are starting to follow this example. Many audiences would get very bored hearing a concert of just classical music, but when they hear something they remember from the radio, they pay more attention.

If they enjoy the pop music, they may even begin to enjoy the classical music as well. Maybe the ideas about what kind of music is “classical” and what is “popular” will begin to change.

The hottest place


Death Valley, in the United States of America, is one of the hottest places on Earth.

The Death Valley national park recorded a huge 137 (one hundred thirty-seven) Fahrenheit or 58 degree (fifty-eight) Celsius on July 10, 2013. That is hot!

In fact, it got so hot in Death Valley that you could actually fry an egg in the sun. To show how hot it was, a park warden working for Death Valley National park did that and she made a video and posted it on YouTube, which got over 170, 000 (one hundred seventy thousand) hits.

But it also caused a huge problem, because everybody then went to the park and tried to fry an egg without using a pan. They just broke the egg directly onto the pavement or side-walk which left a very messy side-walk covered in egg shells and cooked egg.

This got so bad that the park service posted onto their Facebook page asking people to stop trying to fry eggs or to, at least, use a frying pan first!

And here is an egg joke for you, can you think of any others?

“What day do eggs hate most? Fry-day!”


Colours of the rainbow


Purple people are popular; everybody goes to a purple person for help and support. Purple people are gentle and free, relaxed and calm. People think they are shy or hide away.

Purple is a colour of design, and purple people have their own style. Purple is the colour of kings and queens; purple people are very important. Purple sounds like plum, and plums are purple. Purple people want to help planet Earth, purple people are nice! They like to finish one project before starting another.

But too much purple can be confusing and can cause stress.


Purple is the colour of love.

Purple is the colour I dream of.

Purple is the colour of passion,

Purple is the latest fashion.

Purple is the colour of glad,

Purple is the best colour they had

Purple is the colour of laughs,

Purple is what he said on my behalf

Purple is the colour of me,

Purple is the best, you see.”

Poem by Luna Moon

The perfect hamburger


The perfect hamburger starts with meat that is roughly minced, not too fatty. Remember you can use pork, turkey or beef. Why not throw in some spiced minced sausage? Add to this some salt and pepper, onions and garlic, all cut very small, and mix it well with your hands! Make the mixture into patties, the normal shape of a burger.

In the middle of each burger press your thumb to make a dent. Cook them on a very hot grill for about five minutes and then, turn them over and cook for another five minutes. Toast the bread, and now you are ready to build your perfect hamburger. Maybe you like lettuce or tomatoes, tomato sauce or mayonnaise, cheese and pickle; the options are endless.



  • 1kg beef mince
  • 1 onion, finely chopped
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 cup fresh white breadcrumbs
  • Pinch of grated nutmeg
  • 2 tbs olive oil



There is a legend that says in the 9th (ninth) century an Ethiopian goat farmer discovered coffee by accident. His goats ate it and it made them crazy because of the caffeine. The goats new something we didn’t because seven million tons (7, 000,000,000) of coffee is produced every year.

It is one of the most popular drinks in the world, about 1/3 (one third) of the population drink coffee. Brazil is the world´s largest coffee producer followed by Vietnam, Indonesia and Columbia. The United States is the biggest consumer of coffee. 1.2 billion (one point two billion) kilograms of coffee is consumed there every year.

Coffee grows from a green-leaved tree or shrub with white flowers. There are two basic types of coffee: Arabica and Robusta. 70% (seventy percent) of the coffee is Arabica. It is grown in central and South America. It is popular for his flavour and smell. The other 30% (thirty percent) is Robusta. This smaller bean is important because it can resist disease better.

It also grows in lower altitudes. Coffee beans are the pit of a berry. This makes coffee a type of fruit. In Arabic coffee is called qahhwat al-bun or qahwa for short. It means “wine of the bean.”

Colours of the rainbow


This month I would like to talk about the colour pink.

Pink is the colour of love, it is the colour of candy and candy floss. Pink is made of red and white, an action colour with a colour of peace. If red is passion, then pink is love. Pink is kind and understanding, a colour of hope. Pink has no fear. Pink people like to hear “thank you”.

Pink is a relaxing colour, helping us to forget our worries, but too much pink can make us weak and soft.



A Pink rose is for the one.
Where love has blossomed and bloomed,
Were passion and purity
With love and peace
Combines and grows,
That brings forth the Pink rose,
Of the Red rose,
And of the White rose,
When both entwine,
Comes the Pink rose,
For all the blushing brides”.

Poem by Sylvia Chidi

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