Do you have a job that you love? Is Monday your favorite day because you are back at work? Or do you like the weekend because you can relax?

My favorite day is Sunday. On Sunday I go climbing with some friends. There are no rocks in London so I have to go climbing at an indoor centre. I climb for 3 hours normally, it is a good workout! Then I go home and I cook a Sunday roast.

Do you know what a Sunday roast is? You can read about this traditional British dish here. After I eat the delicious meal I normally read or watch some television. British television programmes are great. I enjoy watching nature documentaries.David Attenborough is considered a “national treasure.” He has contributed to the fields of biology and television production throughout his whole life.

What is your favourite day and why?

Do you have a regular weekly routine or is each week different?

Which types of television programme do you prefer?