Nowadays there are much more resources for studying and practising languages than there were in the past. If you have studied a Spanish course or any other language and you wish to practise speaking a little bit more, there are different options available to you.

One great example is that of couch surfing. It is an online community that offers its users hospitality exchange and social networking services. The term Couch Surfing refers to the idea of staying a short period of time in someone´s house wherever there is space, whether that be a spare bed, couch or even the floor and then moving on to another house.

It is completely free which makes it very attractive for those who do not have the funds to travel in luxury. Learn about foreign cultures and practise your language skills. There are couches to be surfed all over the world. At the start of this year 2013 there were 6,000,000 members registered across more than 100,000 cities.

One issue for those who study Spanish online or in a university and want to practise with Couch Surfing is that of the security. For this reason, the community of couch surfers has 3 methods to increase the level of security and trust in a way which becomes visible on the profiles of potential hosts and couch surfers.

The first of these is personal references. After being host to couch surfers or being one yourself you may leave a comment about your experience on the webpage for other future hosts and couch surfers to see and take into account.

There is also the possibility to use a credit card verification system which can be used by members to verify their name and address via payment.

The third and last security option is a personal vouching system. If a member is vouched for three times, the first being the founders of the site, they may in turn vouch for other members of the community that they may have hosted or stayed with and know are trustworthy.

Are you still not convinced? Have a look at this video with the opinions of current couch surfing members and get planning a trip to Spain to better your conversation skills.