What is the most sought after skill when employers are looking for employees? Obviously you need to have the technical skills and qualifications to be able to carry out the job in the first place. You can’t go and work as an aeronautical engineer if you have a degree in dentistry! But apart from the necessary technical skills, what is it that employers really want in an employee?

Communications skills are number one. The ability to listen, and written and verbal communication skills, are the most valued extras in an employee. For a company to run efficiently there needs to be fluid internal communication. If a company wants to be successful globally there needs to be fluid foreign language communication.

What if a company only runs operations in one country? How would foreign language skills benefit that company? Research has shown that learning foreign languages actually improves communication in your mother tongue, it strengthens your comprehension of grammar and makes you aware of culturally significant factors by being able to look in at your own language from an outsiders point of view.

By learning a foreign language you are improving your knowledge of your own language but you are also breaking down the barrier that might be stopping your company from running operations in foreign countries. If there is a demand for your product or service in your country, then surely there will be a similar demand for it in another country.

The best way to learn about yourself is to look at yourself from an outsiders point of view.