CAE will organize a workshop on course creation and gamified motivation at the SIMO 2018 fair. It will take place on Thursday, November 15 at 11:30 AM. In order to attend, you just need to get your free access pass here.

SIMO 2018 Access

CAE Computer Aided E-learning, the leading company in the e-learning education sector, will be returning to the SIMO 2018 fair to present all the newest developments from CAE, Dexway and Voluxion. During November 13-15, visitors will have the opportunity to learn all about three of their latest developments: Classroom Companion courses, Dexway Authoring Tool and gamified motivation and coaching.

#1 Classroom Companion

Despite the fact that Classroom Companion courses have already been integrated into the daily routine at many learning centers and language schools for several months, new features have been added for this new academic year that will be presented at SIMO 2018. Specifically, we will discuss the distribution of three versions: Primary (7-12 years), Secondary (12-16) and Adult (A1-C1), which cover all education levels from first grade through university.

#2 Dexway Authoring Tool

This advanced editing tool is available with all Dexway solutions and allows teachers and tutors to customize and create their own courses using their own materials or materials from Dexway’s libraries and R&D.

#3 Gamified Motivation System

Keeping students motivated to prolong their interest and increase completion rates (and therefore develop more successful learning methods) is Dexway’s main goal for the new gamification system for their courses. By promoting a gamified motivation system, student engagement increases.

If these topics interest you, visit us at booth 14.1B09 during the SIMO 2018 fair. Get your free access pass here and reserve your spot for the workshop on Thursday, November 15 at 11:30 AM in Sala Rosa.


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