Why companies around the world choose Dexway

1 Talk, talk, talk.

We help your employees to practice speaking the language

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Our native speaking teachers help your employees to practice the language. Face to face. At a designated time, or at any time. Speak with different teachers and with other students. Because we know that speaking is key to learning a language.

4 Learn by “doing”

In an intuitive and interactive environment 

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From the first day, your employee´s will be exposed to putting the language into practice, thanks to our ¨learning by doing¨ approach. Using interactive exercises, videos of real-life situations, and speech recognition. Because we know that visual elements and interaction improve the learning process.

7 The ideal combination

Live training + online training

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The results will convince your company that you’ve made the right choice. Dexway combines the benefits of classroom training with the advantages of online training. Because of our years of experience in language training, we have shown that we are on the right path.

2 Motivation and more

We support your employees so they move forward successfully

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Our tutors assist your employees to successfully complete the course proactively. Providing confidence by helping at all times and resolving doubts immediately. Because we have proven that motivated employees successfully complete courses.

5 Tailored to your industry

Specific vocabulary and situations

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Your employees will enhance their communicative skills, especially those needed in their industry. Specific vocabulary. Presenting specific vocabulary and real-life situations with the level of depth required by your organization. We are always thinking about the needs of your company when training your employees.

3 Sure footing

Your employees will follow a structured and progressive method

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Your employees will learn with a structured and progressive method that will allow them to move forward with confidence. Learning with planned lessons which have enough freedom to be adapted to different styles learning. Because to get to the end, you have to follow a path.

6 Detailed reports

Easily calculate the return on your investment

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Your business will know at all times the individual progress of each employee. Real-time information. Details of employee dedication and level acquired. Because we are convinced that Dexway will help improve the language levels of your employees, and we want you to be able to easily calculate the return on your investment.