Dexway Professional

The Dexway Professional course is designed for students who already have a higher level of language skills to further develop their knowledge of the business language. Through interactive activities and exercises, the student’s practice and train grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation while learning new materials that help them succeed in their professional lives or any business environment.

Professional development for your employees through language courses

One of the biggest potential obstacles to your sustained progress is the lack of opportunities to practise yours and your employees language skills regularly. Through distance and e-learning you can increase the value of rapid learning by continuing to practise when you want, at your own pace.

Dexway language eLearning courses are designed to provide you with maximum convenience and flexibility around your busy professional schedule, and even just 1 -2 quick sessions a week can be enough to keep your skills fresh.

Dexway language E-learning courses introduce and recycle vocabulary and structures through a series of interactive exercises such as word/sentence-picture association, listening comprehension with short, realistic dialogues and student-led listening practice with the vocabulary items.

Languages and levels:

  • English (British/American), French, German, Spanish – A1 to C1 levels (To C2 in British English).

Languages and Levels

8 languages available. Levels from A1 to C2

Specific Courses

Sector specific courses in business, finance, tourism, hospitality, and more

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