Dexway Communicate

Dexway Communicate online language course has been structured focusing on the practical use of language. Its aim is to develop the language skills of students with an applied communicative approach, meaning that, the functional aspects of the language are emphasized.

Students participate in contexts that recreate communication in real-life situations and gain knowledge naturally and progressively (grammar rules, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.) with our language e-learning method. They gain the ability to communicate in the studied language in a personal or professional environment.

Develop your team’s language communication skills

We intend to ensure that our students gain confidence in the everyday use of a spoken language with our language e-learning method. This is one of the reasons why our courses are online, so that the student may have more opportunities and cope better when it comes to practice and speak English with a language e-learning .

We try to make our students to gain a full understanding of basic language grammar, so they can get to speak the language with greater confidence and fluency; and a very large vocabulary, mostly related to everyday situations. That’s really easy with our language e-learning method.

All Dexway courses comply with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Languages and levels:

  • English (British/American), French, German, Spanish – A1 to C1 levels (To C2 in British English).
  • Italian, Portuguese, Russian – A1 and A2 levels.

Languages and Levels

8 languages available. Levels from A1 to C2

Specific Courses

Sector specific courses in business, finance, tourism, hospitality, and more.

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