Dexway Placement Level Test

Assess your staff’s language skills


This test assesses your employee’s language skills and determines their language needs. To ensure that 100% of the objectives are achieved and that there are no knowledge gaps, the test will show a recommended level and will provide the student with a personalized course. These courses are perfectly structured to learn all the language skills in depth (listening, reading, speaking and writing).

Students participate in contexts which incorporate communication in real situations, helping learners to naturally and progressively assimilate the knowledge and skills needed to communicate in their personal and professional lives in the language they are learning. The courses enhance students’ communication skills by learning specific language and developing their comprehension and production skills.

Languages and levels:

  • English (British/American) – A1 to C2 Levels.
  • Italian, Portuguese, Russian – A1 and A2 Levels.


The certification test assesses the language competencies of students. It is a tool that allows an easy, objective, and comprehensive evaluation of the students’ language skills. The test assesses the students’ language skills in a thorough and simple way. As a part of the recruitment process in companies and organizations, it guarantees an objective assessment of the language level of future employees. All Dexway courses and exams comply with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Optional: Lessons with oral and written production exercises may be included to be corrected by teachers.

Languages and levels:

  • English (British/American) – A1 to C2 Levels.

Languages and Levels

8 languages available. Levels from A1 to C2

Specific Courses

Sector specific courses in business, finance, tourism, hospitality, and more.

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