We all know that being bilingual can broaden your horizons for getting that dream job that you’ve always wanted and it really helps to bulk up your resume.  But did you know that it may help you watch television?!  Yes, it is becoming more and more common that American television programs are being filmed in both Spanish and English. There is a new trend beginning to take place in the United States where production companies are trying to reach out to the growing Spanish speaking population that live in the United States.

One bilingual show that is coming out this summer in the United States is called ¨The Bridge¨.  It is set on the US – Mexican border, half being filmed in Mexico and half in the US.  It is set around a crime that happened directly on the border line.  So a Mexican and US detective need to work together in order to solve the crime.

During the Spanish speaking parts of the show there are English subtitles to accompany it, but everyone knows that this is not the same experience than if you know the language.  As the language barriers around the world are starting to fall apart and business and entertainment is starting to move across cultures, there was never a better time to learn Spanish online.

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