In this week’s blog we want to talk about all of the benefits of studying a second language. There are manybenefits of learning a second language that range from greater memory function to offsetting age related illnesses such asalzheimers disease.  Studying a language can give you a renewed passion about life or make you more competitive in the job field. But are there benefits to studying a language online?   Let´s take a look at a few.

Studying online helps you stay mobile.  What does this mean?  As your life is on the go, so should your online Spanish course.  Wherever you are in the world, with dexway’s Spanish courses you can log in and study anywhere as long as you have a wireless or 3G signal.  Another positive feature is student to student contact.  With dexway’s online social network, the community, you can interact with other students through discussion forums as well as video conversation classrooms where you can set the topics.  Thirdly, dexway offers what most online courses do not, live professional tutors.  These tutors are the human element to the dexway system and are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So what are you waiting for? Delight in all of the dexway features such asonline Spanish classes with a native speaking tutor that allows you to not only have the ease and accessibility of doing an online Spanish course, but have face to face contact with real people as well.  Also, you can make use of our online community that allows you to converse and connect with other students that are also learning Spanish online.  Don’t wait any longer and make use of this excellent opportunity so that you can fully experience your future travels!