It is that time again! Back to school! As school children across the world start making their way back to school in the upcoming weeks, it is time to start refocusing on learning as the long summer of relaxation comes to an end. Even if you are not in school, you know someone who is going back to school. All of us are surrounded by the back to school spirit. If you have finished school, do you miss those first few days of the school year where you get to see all your old friends again and start learning?

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At dexway, we know that one of the important elements to learning a language is the personal one. With dexway´s Spanish courses you will have unlimited access to conversation classes with real accredited teachers, that will encourage and help guide you as you’re learning Spanish online. Also, enjoy the support and interaction of dexway´s social learning community. In the dexway community you will be able to meet up with other students from around the world who will be able to encourage you and answer any doubts that you may have, as well as setup conversation meetings with these students.

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